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2014 Best Career Blogs - OpenColleges

Best Career Advice Blogs of 2014 by OpenColleges

Career Geek has been chosen as one of the best career advice blogs of 2014 by OpenColleges. The list comprises of 14 of the internet’s top career bloggers. We received an email notifying of the same from OpenColleges “Congratulations again for …

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3 secrets of highly successful graduates

The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates

Over the weekend, whilst doing some reading I came across this excellent slide share presentation by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. In this he discusses the 3 secrets of highly successful graduates. It is a 113 slide presentation, which can …

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softball success

21 Golden Tips On How To Have A Successful Career

This article is curated from a question on Quora. Matt Wyndowe, Uber head of product partnerships, replied to the question “What is some good general career advice?” In this he states the lessons he learnt from the business school at Stanford. …

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interview questions

7 Interview Questions And 7 Perfect Answers

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself an interview! Now it’s the hard bit; being confident without being cocky, friendly while professional and all the other titbits of advice you’ve had thrust at you by well-meaning friends. Although I was always pleased to …

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i don't care

5 Annoying Things At The Workplace That Sheldon Cooper Has A Solution For

Working in an office is nice but it can also be a bit annoying, especially when you don’t have everything just about right. And yes, I spend an awful lot of time getting my things right so someone interfering can …

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stories might help career

How Stories Might Have The Key To Your Future

Stories and understanding how they work may well unlock potential to move your career on. After all, at core stories are about how to solve problems and get over difficulties; surely learning how to do this in general might be …

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qualities of a car mechanic

What Qualities Make A Great Car Mechanic?

If cars are your passion and you enjoy fixing and repairing things, then a career as a car mechanic could be for you. The old stereotype of the oil-stained grease monkey is well and truly buried. Modern mechanics are not …

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skype interview guide

The Ultimate Guide To Skype Interviews For Interviewer And Interviewee [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know what to expect when it comes to a face-to-face job interview, but for many people, Skype interviews are uncharted territory. Here are some tips for dealing with interviews, both for the interviewer and the interviewee. Interviewees, leading …

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work men

6 Benefits Of A Part-Time Job Whilst Studying

As a student, it may be easier to rely on a student loan to pay for everything. Especially if you’re living away from home, you ‘accidentally’ miss lectures, go heavy on the student nights and lose discipline. I’m pretty sure …

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survive degree

A Day In The Life Of A Master’s Student

I am sure you do not need me to tell you that completing any Master’s degree is extremely difficult. Crazy workloads, lack of sleep, coupled with excessive energy drinks and maybe dealing with the fear of entering into a new …

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