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Use Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet To Manage Your Job Search

job application tracker free spreadsheet
Written by Faizan Patankar

Once you are in the midst of your job search, you will be applying to jobs left right and center. It is important to keep track of your job search.

And using a job application tracking spreadsheet makes it easier to keep all job leads and information in one place.

Using a job application tracking spreadsheet can help you keep the recruiters contact details and other information together. You won’t have to troll through your hundred of emails or add 100s of bookmarks.

To get started on your job application tracking you can download this free job application tracking spreadsheet from standout-cv.com.


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  • Spreadsheets are great for organizing your job hunt, but what if you don’t have spreadsheet software? What if you only have access to a web browser? Many jobseekers are using shared computers where office software isn’t always available. We took the spreadsheet concept all the way and job hunters can record their opportunities, manage contacts, link contacts and CVs to opportunities, as well as get to-do lists, reminders and activity reports. This lets a committed job hunter manage many more applications, increasing the chances of real success.
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