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cover letter template download
Written by Faizan Patankar

cover letter template download

Writing a cover letter is hard. As graduates, we all have been through spending hours thinking how to start and what to write. You can now download our free cover letter template. This template gives you an idea of forming your thoughts and is optimised to a professional level.


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Additionally, you get the benefit of knowing that 4000+ people have used this cover letter template so far. You can be going for any job, but don’t waste your time thinking how or what you should write in your cover letter. Download this cover letter template and it will get you started in the right manner.

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If you use the cover letter, please share your comments and feedback in the comments below. And if you know of someone who would benefit from this, why not share it with them? After all, which student doesn’t like some freebies!

Updated – 19/10/2013 – Celebrating 4000+ free cover letter template downloads 

Updated – 26/04/2014 – Celebrating 8000+ free cover letter template downloads 

Updated – 04/10/2014 – Celebrating 11000+ free cover letter template downloads 

Updated – 28/07/2015 – Celebrating 13000+ free cover letter template downloads 

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  • This being the first Cover Letter I have ever needed, I am glad help is around to lend a hand.