Wisewords Launch A New Online Platform For Career Advice

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Wisewords Inc. announced the launch of their online platform for career advice. The platform allows students and recent grads to find and schedule 1-to-1 calls with industry experts for personalized career advice.

By 2020, millennials will represent 50% of  the work force worldwide. 76% of U.S. students end up changing their major at least once. Good grades are no longer enough to get a great job. Wisewords aims to help millennials navigate the increasingly competitive job market  through insider info and tailored career advice.

Wisewords says, “It’s ridiculous how under-prepared students are for the workforce after spending $130k on an education. Universities aren’t doing a good enough job of bridging the gap from school to work, so we are.”

Wisewords is launching with over 250 industry experts with an initial focus on the creative industry. These experts range from people 5 years into their career, to senior art directors at fortune 500 companies.

Wisewords Inc. was founded in September 2013 by Dawson Whitfield who was frustrated by the lack of mentorship available to himself and his peers when it came to pursuing their dream jobs. Since then, Wisewords has grown to a team of 4. What do I do after I graduate? How do I get started on my path? Questions like these were the inspiration behind Wisewords. The question that came next was: What if I can put people like me in touch with the kind of people we want to become? What if all our questions can have immediate, life-tested answers?

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  • Thanks for posting, though I’m not sure about the value of this… For one thing I presume that it’s based in the USA, thus advice may not be applicable for UK students.

    Secondly, it negates the specialist role of careers adviser. Whilst I’m not a careers adviser, I know they are highly trained, not just to impart information but also to coach and support people whilst undergoing life changes.

    I think that there should be a clearly visible reminder on the site to contact your local provider of careers advice in addition to any online support you receive.