The Alternate Route: Entrepreneurial Paths That You Haven’t Considered

Entrepreneurship is booming. It has never been more favorable for starting a business with a brand-new idea. However, a lot of people know this fact and they are all trying to make it in an ultra-competitive world, which has made survival more difficult than ever. This also presents the perfect opportunity to explore some of the paths less traveled by entrepreneurs and see if the comparatively less populated fields don’t have more to offer to young budding entrepreneurs than the tried, tested, and saturated markets.

Specialized Healthy Fast Food Joints

Fast food has become synonymous with junk food these days, but does it have to be? The answer is no, it doesn’t, and therein lies the opportunity in a market that’s not being catered to as much as it can be. Healthy fast food trucks and restaurants remove the junk from fast food and keep the “fast” or speed of preparation, making a meal that offers the best of both worlds. It isn’t like McDonald’s or KFC is now healthy all of a sudden, but even they have a few healthy items on their menu now because they realize that there’s a separate market for that.

People are more health conscious than ever these days, thanks to the internet, which has created ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore the healthy fast food sector while making the world a healthier place along the way!

The Roofing Contractor

People live in buildings and all residential buildings usually have a roof, which makes investing in and setting up a roofing contractor’s business something that cannot ever go out of demand. A time might come in the distant future when the planet may no longer be able to hold any more buildings, but even then, the roofs will need to be repaired!

Start small and hire a small group of roofers with experience, but if you have at least some knowledge or experience regarding residential construction and roofing, that’s a huge bonus.

Don’t forget to get roofing contractors insurance before you start though because nobody will take the risk of hiring you if you don’t have insurance, and even if an inexperienced customer does end up hiring a roofing contractor without insurance, the chances of both the customer and the contractor ruing the decision are pretty high!

App Development for Virtual Reality

It has now been years since the world was first promised amazing things in the realm of VR and AR, but unfortunately, the tech has not yet been able to deliver as much. Nevertheless, that’s exactly why all the big names like Microsoft, Google, Samsung and others are all looking for innovators in the field.

If you know anything about developing apps, then it is the perfect time to start a dedicated company which develops apps specifically for VR and AR. Even though games are the dominant earners here if you have an innovative idea which sells, enough people now have the necessary firepower and hardware to try it out.

Entrepreneurship as a YouTuber?

When someone says: “I am an entrepreneur”, people don’t exactly assume that they have a YouTube channel! Nevertheless, this is a very lucrative opportunity to avail. There is no shortage of YouTubers in 2018, of course, but what we are talking about is building a specialized channel that delves in all sectors of a particular niche and offers value to the viewers.

New YouTube rules make it impossible for just anyone to monetize their meaningless videos, which was previously the case. Now, this has made the life of small YouTubers quite hard, but as long as you understand the rules and your business has a specific goal in mind, there’s still plenty of money to be made here.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

There are so many big accounting firms out there that you may just think that there is no future in starting one of your own, but you would be wrong. Surveys show that both accounting and bookkeeping are one of the most in-demand businesses right now and that creates a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs with CPA or business accounting degrees.

The big firms might take up the business from all the big boys, but that’s not your niche at all. You will not be competing with Deloitte or PWC because you will be trying to get to the countless small businesses around the country which do not have the budget or the volume to go to big names in the industry.

Just like it pays to think ‘innovatively’, sometimes, it’s just better if you stick to your strengths, but the best results await those of us who are able to combine their strengths and innovative ideas in one slick and profitable venture. Start small, but make it grand in the end.

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