5 in Demand jobs for the Millennial Generation

So you’re a millennial wanting a change of career? While there is a vast range of career paths in which you can choose to become skilled, here are five that are in demand, ensuring you will have job opportunities both now and in future.

Information security analyst

With cyber attacks on the rise and hackers becoming far more skilled at breaching government, private or corporate computer networks, the need for trained information security analysts is increasing. While information security analysts provide a wide range of services, integral to their role is planning and implementing security measures which are designed to protect organisations or businesses computer systems and computer networks. This can include installing software or firewalls. If you enjoy working with technology, software and computers, the role of an information security analyst could be ideal for you.

Software engineer

As more businesses are moving online with sales, processes, analytics and services, having customized software solutions and systems is becoming crucial to streamlining and growing their operations. Which is why the demand for skilled software engineers is growing. The services provided by those working in this field range from designing and developing software through to software maintenance, testing and evaluation. So, if you like problem solving and technology, you’ll be perfectly suited to a career as a software engineer.

Speech pathologist

With more people suffering from communication difficulties as the population grows and a lack of adequate support in this area is available, speech pathologists are now highly sought after for many different communication disorders. The role of a speech pathologist is to study, diagnose and treat communication difficulties such as reading and writing, social skills, speaking and listening, as well as stuttering. For those who enjoy working with language and providing one-on-one attention and support, becoming a speech pathologist would be a very rewarding career.

Occupational therapist

There are many new roles available for occupational therapists as the ageing community is increasing and needing further assistance after events such as hip replacements and strokes. As an occupational therapist, you also get to work with children, helping them to reach developmental milestones from fine motor skills through to hand eye coordination. Because of the positive differences you can make in your patients’ quality of life, if you’re wanting a career working with people that is very fulfilling, training in occupational therapy could be an option for you.


With an increased demand in both the public and private sectors to be able to have statistical evidence to prove or disprove theories or patterns, jobs are growing for statisticians. Statisticians generally work with either theoretical statistics or applied statistics and combine this knowledge with specializations in other subject areas. One of the benefits of a career as a statistician is that you can diversify into working in different sectors undertaking tasks such as randomized sampling, forecasting future events or analyzing survey or experimental results. This is a great job for those who are passionate about analyzing and interpreting data.

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