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98% of UK Recruiters Will Take You Less Seriously If You Do This On Your CV

98% of recruiters hate this
Written by Faizan Patankar

98% of recruiters hate this

StandOut CV surveyed 100 UK recruitment firms to find out what really matters when it comes to creating an interview winning CV.

And something that stood out was, 98% of recruiters will take you less seriously, if you include a photo on your CV. This I know is different from our European friends, however UK has a long tradition of not having photo’s on your CV.

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  • 54 – Minimum number of CVs that a recruiter will receive for a UK vacancy
  • 6 min – The average time a recruiter will spend reviewing your CV before deciding to submit you to a client. [Here’s what recruiters look at in the <10s they spend on your CV at first instance]
  • 98% – of recruiters will take you less seriously if you include a photo of yourself on your CV
  • 73% – of recruiters will search for you on LinkedIn after viewing your CV [p.s. guide to start on LinkedIn in 7 steps!]

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  • It’s actually more like 6-8 seconds that a recruiter will look at a cv for, before forwarding it on to an employer. Just ignore recruitment agencies full stop as they take anything from 37-45% of your wage.