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Written by Faizan Patankar

Every once in a while, there comes something in the Careers sector that is unconventional and different! In this article, I will review one such service, started by two graduates from the University of South Florida, US:  The Hire Me Campaign service. It does what it says on the tin – the team from the Hire Me Campaign will run an online campaign for you. I would put them under the ‘micro-famous’ niche websites.

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Hire Me Campaign - FREE for Graduates

What is Hire Me Campaign?

In their own words, “Hire Me Campaign is an innovative and progressive approach to the hiring process. We offer a guerilla style marketing strategy, give new life to the resume, and couple it with a pledge to give back to the community….”

Hire Me Campaign works in an innovative way. So, you sign up with them and submit information about yourself, educational background, experience, etc. Something similar to what you would do applying to companies yourself. They then put this information together in a well laid-out fashion and attach it to a webpage, which acts like your free personal website for two weeks.

Hire Me Campaign also takes care of promoting your online CV (webpage) through social networks, namely facebook and twitter. This means, even when you are not online, they will be sending out your marketing material.

Is Hire me Campaign Good for Graduates?

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Hire Me Campaign on Twitter

Having worked around the site and followed their online presence on social networks, I believe graduates can gain from the campaign. Firstly, they target only 3 candidates for 2 weeks. And it’s FREE for the first two weeks! Now, where else can you get a free two-week promotion? Only Hire Me Campaign offers a two-week FREE campaign to sign up and be promoted.

You pay nothing upfront,which is always good for graduates, as we suffer from low-income post university, without a graduate job. There is one payback method for all the good work that Hire Me Campaign does for you. You either pledge $50 of your first pay check, or 4 hours of your time spent volunteering for a charity of your choice.

Considering most graduates would do internships for free, or volunteer to get some experience, I believe this is a wining situation to any graduate. You pledge either choice and be one of the few graduates who paid back the society!

I love this Hire Me Campaign strategy that Carmen Perez (Co-founder) and Christine Adler (Co-founder) have put in place.

Why Would Employers Look at Hire Me Campaign?

From my analysis I have come across two reasons why it has the potential to catch an employer’s eye.

1. Hire Me Campaign sends out tweets to targeted employers in your interested field of graduate job or work. So at the end of the day, somebody is definitely reading your promotional material! And your CV is reaching a larger crowd than if you did it yourself, due to time constraints. Moreover, the campaign frees you to apply to more companies, hence total volume of outreach of your CV increases.

2. You can pledge 4 hours of volunteering to any charity and once hired,

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CSR - Important For Employers

your employer knows you will be doing those 4 hours of volunteering. This increases the corporate social responsibility (CSR) index of the employer. CSR is embraced by more employers than before, and the trend is growing. With companies pledging 100s of hours to charities in volunteering work, your 4 hours could be something they would be interested in, and who knows, you could be the one they approach for information, with regards to how to set up volunteering relationships with charities.

So, all in all, it’s a win-win relationship, for both the graduate looking for a graduate job or internship, and the employer.

I Want to Know More!

More on actually what goes on through examples.

Example of a campaign running live now! Click on the link to see how Tony is using Hire Me Campaign to get a graduate Job

Hire Me Campaign answers your FAQs here.

Read about how Hire Me Campaign works.

Just before I finish, I would like to remind graduates, looking for graduate jobs or internships, not to just rely on Hire Me Campaign, but to make sure that they put in some efforts too. Increase the volume of applications, as you have more time concentrating on employers.

Now, we would like to know when they would partner with UK graduates and target UK businesses.

What do you think of this campaign? Would you be interested in signing up for it? Do comment below and share your opinions of this initiative!


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