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Highest Paying Travel Nurse States and Cities

If you are looking for a temporary assignment, you should be aware that the pay for specialized nursing positions is often higher than that for non-specialists.

Specialties are in high demand, and the higher the pay, the more challenging it is to find work in these fields. In this article, we will discuss the best paying states and cities for nurses.

A travel caregiver’s job allows her to experience a new environment and gain experience while enjoying decent pay.

She can visit new places and meet different people, as well as experience a new culture.

If you are a caregiver looking to take a break from the everyday grind and explore a different city, consider pursuing a career in travel nursing.

New York

While most cities may be expensive and hard to live in, New York City has some of the highest pay in the nation.

A quick stop there might be enough time to check out all the sites of this exciting city.

White Plains offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Visitors can visit the Southport Lighthouse, take sunset sailboat cruises, or take a stroll along one of the city’s many scenic parks.

Residents of this city can also relax and enjoy the many cultural and recreational opportunities in the city. They can also check out the local wineries by sampling the Sabrosa Sangria.

In addition to the local wineries, this city also features a Sky Zone trampoline park, which offers a fun way to blow off steam after a hard day’s work.


With almost 1 million residents, San Francisco is a major city with an abundance of opportunities for travel nursing.

Unlike other cities, hospitals in this city have more geographic zones. Moreover, the city’s population is diverse, and its healthcare industry is highly diverse.

As a result, there is a high demand for these types of caregivers in the city. If you’re a caregiver looking to make the most of your career, a job like this in San Francisco will provide you with pleasure.

San Jose offers affordable housing and good professional opportunities, one of the most popular destinations for these types of nurses.

In fact, over 12,500 travel caregivers have sought housing in this city over the past year. The city is a great place to live and work and is one of the top cities for travel nursing.

Really, as long as you’re not looking to move to Los Angeles.

Tips for Finding Openings:

Specialized Nurses Get Paid More Than Non-specialists

When looking for these types of caregiver jobs, specialized skills are important. Nurses with certification in cardiac catheterization, oncology, pediatric intensive care, or neonatal intensive care earn higher wages.

These fields are in high demand and tend to pay well. This is because these caregivers have specialized skills that are hard to duplicate. These nurses typically have specialized certifications and experience which makes them a great choice.

Resident Nurses (or “RNs”) in high-paying travel caregiver states typically earn at least $1879 per week. RNs who specialize in pediatrics, gynecology, or pediatrics make approximately $4,500 a week.

Specialized caregivers earn a lot more than non-specialists in these states because they coordinate care for patients in the womb and during the delivery process.

Specialty Fields With High Demand Are Harder to Fill

There’s a problem brewing in American medicine. According to the American Nursing Association, there are approximately 2.7 million unfilled nursing positions in the United States.

Travel nurses fill nursing shortages in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes by contracting with medical staffing agencies.

Many travel caregivers accept assignments in remote areas where caregiver shortages are acute.

A hospital in Panguitch, Utah, has posted a job for a nurse but so far has received no applications.

It’s not just remote areas where caregiver shortages are acute. The National Rural Health Association says nursing shortages are likely to get worse as baby boomers age and need special care.

Rapid-Response Postings Pay the Most

In the past, these types of caregiver salaries were highest in the northern and western states. California, Massachusetts, Washington, and New York were among the most desirable states for nurses, and these states are still considered some of the highest-paying travel nurse states in the union.

In the southern states, however, caregiver pay tends to be lower. However, rapid-response postings are available that increase pay.

The most lucrative rapid-response postings are usually short-term and often offer high wages. They are perfect for nurses who are looking to gain experience without committing to 13-week assignments.

Some of these assignments also provide an opportunity to travel to a new area, which is advantageous if you aren’t accustomed to working in new locations or aren’t used to any sort of change, in general, which is common.

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