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Why Being A Traveling Nurse Has Become So Popular

Do you have a nursing license? Are you interested in a life of adventure?

The travel nursing assignment could be right down your alley. Plenty of adventurous people travel every year for work. You could be one of them.

Despite some of the disadvantages, we think the advantages make it worth it.

Top Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing

You could write a book about all the reasons people should consider becoming a travel nurse. Obviously, travel nurses earn more money.

Nevertheless, there is an endless list of reasons to consider the job. Here are a few of our favorites:

Determine the Length of Your Contract

Unfortunately, most jobs require you to sign indefinite contract lengths. This means that you are going to be stuck somewhere until you decide to find a new job.

When you become a travel nurse, this restriction quickly becomes a thing of the past. You can decide how long the contract will be before you sign it.

If you want to move frequently, don’t sign any long-term contracts. It’s as simple as that.

Meet New People During Each Assignment

Who doesn’t like to meet new friendly faces? Meeting new people is what makes life interesting.

If you stay around all the same people, things can swiftly become dull.

When you are a travel nurse, each new hospital represents dozens of new opportunities to meet interesting folk.

Don’t Get Stuck at a Bad Workplace

You can go ahead and admit it. Everyone has taken an assignment somewhere that was not very enjoyable. You might like to use words that are a little more unprofessional.

Nevertheless, travel nurses don’t have to worry about sticking around in places they don’t like. You can always look forward to the end of your assignment.

The chances are it is only a few weeks away anyway. Then, you’ll be free to go anywhere you would like.

Get Paid More to Do the Same Work

A travel nurse in New York makes up to double what they would in other areas of the country. If you are in the career for the money, then you better put, travel nurse.

As far as the nursing industry is concerned, there are very few opportunities that pay better. Plus, you earn more when you are on a travel assignment than you would have if you were hired by the same hospital for a permanent position.

That means you’ll be getting paid better than the people who are already staff members at the hospital.

Recently, some nursing contracts have been offering as much as $4000 a week in high demand areas.

Many Agencies Cover the Cost of Housing

Suppose you got a high-value contract to an area with a high cost of living.

Typically, your contract will also include a stipend to cover the cost of living. You may even have an agency offer to directly lease an apartment for you.

Travel nurses get to go around the world and have all of their living costs taking care of.

When was the last time someone paid rent for you? It could be during your next assignment.

Who Doesn’t Love Free Flights?

Besides the large paychecks and free housing, what other benefits could a travel nurse possibly have? As we stated previously, the list goes on and on.

Let’s say you decide that you want to take an assignment in California. That’s not a problem. However, you happen to live in Florida.

You would be shocked at how many agencies would love to pay for that plane ticket. Just find a contract somewhere that you would like to go, and you can fly there for free.

Who could think of a better benefit?

See The World

Every time you accept an assignment, you can decide that you would like to go somewhere new. By doing this, you can become a well-traveled person on top of being a well-paid one.

We recommend trying a few short-term contracts. Get a contract in a different state for each one.

That way, you can see large portions of the country while getting paid to do it. We cannot think of a better way to travel.

Eat Out On The Company Dime

Have you ever been to the Big Apple and decided to try some of the restaurants? The price tags at some of those places can be absolutely outrageous.

Thankfully, if you were a travel nurse in New York, you could receive a food stipend.

Travel nurses can often receive money on top of their other wages to cover the cost of food. Then, you can check out some of the world’s best restaurants without having to worry about what the bill will be.

It is absolutely tantalizing to think about. Your taste buds will feel like they are dreaming.

Great Health Benefits

What happens if you get sick when you are on an assignment? Travel nurses get some of the best healthcare coverage out of the entire healthcare industry.

Nurses have worked hard with their unions to win some amazing deals. As a result, when you get on an assignment, you will have health care coverage.

Typically, this coverage will cover your family, as well. Then, you can do whatever you would like without having to worry about how you will pay for healthcare.

Advance Your Career Opportunities

Anything that you can put on your resume that stands out will increase your chances of getting an interview. All of your travel nurse assignments will be like a light shining to anyone reviewing your application.

By taking additional assignments, you are developing new career opportunities. You may not even be aware of these opportunities currently.

However, when they come along, they will recognize all the hard work you put into your travel assignments.

Develop Relevant Experience

During each assignment, you will be presented with new opportunities to learn. These may not even be from your specialty.

However, you will continue to develop your skills in ways that you could not have even predicted. This is one of the reasons why travel nurses are so highly respected in the industry.

These nurses are often among the most talented in the entire field. You can become one of them as long as you are willing to put in the work.

See How Different Hospital Settings Work

One of the most important skills you can develop as a nurse is operating in different healthcare environments. Every environment will run a little differently.

When you first start at a new facility, it may take a little time for you to catch up to speed.

Nevertheless, it’s essential for you to learn as much as you can everywhere that you go. You can quickly amass valuable knowledge during your assignments.

When you get to new settings, you might be surprised at what you learned.

Travel Agencies Often Cover Licensing Costs

One of the major headaches associated with travel nursing is licensing. Not only must you pay to take the tests, but you’ve also got to pass them.

Luckily, many travel nursing agencies will cover the costs of these licensing exams for you. You just need to make sure that you study hard.

Is Travel Nursing for You?

Travel nursing is one of the most unique career opportunities in the world. There are not many other jobs that allow you to travel anywhere that you would like.

Plus, you can have some of the highest paying contracts in any industry.

If you are looking for unique experiences and a high-paying job, it is hard to do any better.

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