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Major Issues That Can Be Solved With Data Asset Management (DAM) Software

When you are a senior member of staff, the day-to-day running of a business doesn’t just focus on turning a profit and keeping that bottom line healthy.

It’s also about finding ways to solve problems before they take hold and jeopardize your progress.

You’re probably used to dealing with all kinds of issues, after all, no two days in business are ever the same.

However, when those problems begin to damage your reputation, the productivity of your teams and the customer journey, you need to step in before it’s too late.

Thankfully, some of the most common issues facing the teams across your organization can be solved with the implementation of Data Asset Management (DAM) software and an image management service.

Read on to find out more:

A Lack of Brand Consistency

Your brand is your company’s voice, and it needs to be consistent across all channels.

Sadly, when the wrong files are uploaded it can cause havoc with your brand’s uniformity, which in turn can lead to a lack of trust between your customers and the business.

Thankfully, with DAM and image management services, your teams can access the latest in company imagery with safe and secure access to the latest versions of logos, banners, photos and even audio files. 

With flexible user permissions and access, this simple solution prevents the company image from being deviated from and only allows approved material to be published.

Helping you build trust with customers and minimizing confusion amongst your workforce.

Lost Files

Whether you’re using outdated servers, individual hard drives, desktop folders or complicated and chaotic DropBox storage facilities, when your digital assets are either clustered together in a mass or they’re spread across various mediums, it’s easy for files to become lost over time. 

This lack of cohesion is incredibly frustrating and will slow down any creative or marketing process. Using DAM software ensures complete centralization of all your digital assets.

Collecting them in one easy-to-manage place. Smart tags and metadata mean that any file – no matter how old – can be found within seconds. Saving you time and money.

Copyright Infringement and Legal Cases

No one wants copyright or legal cases darkening their door. It impacts company morale and can harm your relationship with customers.

Often when the wrong image or digital file is shared, it’s simply down to human error, but if that particular file is no longer usable, it could be a copyright infringement case.

DAM software helps you manage your images efficiently, with tight security and access control around certain files, so only authorized individuals will have permission to access these assets before they go live.

And, with digital rights management, unsolicited files will be archived away from general use. 

Outgrowing Your Current Software Solution

Whatever your current digital storage solution may be, as your business continues to grow from strength to strength, your storage probably won’t be fit for purpose anymore.

DAM software and image management are services that are fully tailored to your business needs, so no matter what your requirements are you’ll be able to focus on the growth of your organization rather than worrying about your digital assets

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