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A Superhero’s Guide to Digital Asset Management [Infographic]

Digital Asset Management or DAM for short is a business process that helps your store and organise content such as photos, videos and music.  Many people may have not thought about adding this to their business’ toolkit but DAM is becoming more and more essential. Here are some reasons why you invest in some DAM software.


Tired of constantly going back and forth with another team member to create the most updated version of a document? This will solve that problem. Once you have added a document to your DAM service, you can grant anyone you want to access it so that you can both work on the same document.  You can also grant access to other agencies or clients so that you can store all the documents that they need in one place.


DAM allows you to share multiple documents with multiple people at the same time. Which as you can imagine, speeds up the process of sending 100001 emails out to people with attachments. Some services also have version control, which allows you to have the most recent version of that document as the default. Everyone has sent an older incomplete version of a document before so this is an absolute lifesaver!


Being an admin allows you to control who has access to which files and see who updated each document last. This is a great tool when trying to work out what was added by whom. You can also see how each document is being used.

If you want to learn more about Digital Asset Management and how your favourite super hero would use it, check out this great infographic by Asset Bank

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