CareerCamLive – New Online Careers Advice Show


As someone who follows a lot of careers traffic on social networks and constantly on the lookout for new things, one thing has always bored me about everything taking place online. It’s impersonal. And robotic. There are millions of careers chats on Twitter. And a billion tweeters about it. But I don’t have time for it all.

Thankfully, now I can be sending in my questions and getting answers whilst I am doing something else! Yes, thanks to Webrecruit and careercake.tv, oh and the hashtag #askcareercam.


Webrecruit and CareerCake.tv have teamed up to bring you CareerCamLive – a new, interactive feature aimed to provide you with top career advice.

You can send your careers questions to Aimee from careercake.tv via the hashtag #askcareercam or post on the facebook page of Web Recruit LTD.

Aimee will answer these questions via video on CareerCamLive channel. This real time chat provides a unique way of evolving the ‘texty’ twitter chats. Plus, Aimee has built up her reputation as one of the best personal careers video producer through her videos on careercake.tv

We ourselves share her videos on our blog and did it way back in 2011. Since then, she’s had a meteoric rise, whilst we … ahem I will let it be 🙂

So, if you want to view her first CareerCamLive show, it is available recorded here as a 30 minute video (note: there is an ad after 16 secs)

We will tweet about her next show as soon as we get to know of it. But for now, let’s thank Web Recruit and careercake.tv for this video show!


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the great review above! We’re really pleased to have Aimee on board. I completely agree with you, some careers resources can be a little impersonal, so we hope people enjoy the live slant on this formula 🙂