Common CV Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Jobsearch

Written by Faizan Patankar

If you are in a job search, having a good CV is very important. However there are still a lot of jobseekers who make basic CV mistakes.

Here are some common CV mistakes to avoid

1. Spelling mistakes on your CV are unforgivable

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. For example writing “to work as waitres” or “I am loking for a job.” will not get you anywhere in your job search.

Definitely avoid making spelling mistakes on your CV.

2. Crazy email address

Having a fun email address was cool when you were 13. In your job search, anything which sounds like I AM STUPID is to be avoided. For e.g. cheekymonkey@gmail.com is not going to get you a job.

It may be worth putting in extra effort to create a new professional use only email address.

3. Avoid lazy words

There are some CV mistakes which appear harmless but infact carry the same negative aura as any other mistake. Using lazy words or abbreviations are one of them. For e.g. using ‘etc’ on your CV is just lazy.

4. Forgetting to sell your self

OK not literally.

If you produce a CV which doesn’t list your skills or show evidence of why you are good for the job being advertised, then you make it impossible for the recruiter to take you seriously.

5. Wrong CV

This isn’t just a CV mistake, this is a crime in job search.

Sending a wrong resume for the job is a sure way of never hearing from the recruiter. I really don’t need to expand on it, do I?

6. Bad CV format

Keep your CV tidy and simple to read. A badly laid out CV will not do any good for your chances of getting a job.

Avoid having multiple fonts or colours on your CV. find out more about different CV formats.

7. Lack of covering statement

When you apply for a job, it will do you a world of good if you added a statement in an email of why you are good for the role etc. Ideally a cover letter would be great, but if you are pressed for time add a paragraph in your email.

Use the paragraph to explain your interest and as a way to sell yourself quickly.

Avoid these CV mistakes and you will have a better chance of getting through to interviews in your job search.

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