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Create A Winning CV Using This Online CV Maker

Online CV Maker
Written by Faizan Patankar

A good CV is first step in any job search. Whether that is applying for your first ever job or a more senior position. At Jobbuddy we are helping job seekers manage their job search better and creating tools that will help job seekers in their job search. You can use this CV maker to create a CV online for free.

Jobbuddy keeps track of jobs you want and simplifies your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. And one of the tool it offers is the CV Maker tool.

To create a CV you need to provide some information as follows:

  • Basic information
  • Work experience
  • Qualifications
  • Education
  • Interests
  • References

CV Maker to create a CV in minutes

Online CV maker by Jobbuddy let’s you add information in a structured manner and will create a CV for you in minutes.

We use the latest technology to deliver instant results for you. No more do you have to worry about the formatting of the CV or wonder what information to put on it. Add all your information and click download to download your resume in a word document.

Store your CV online

Once you create your CV online through Jobbuddy, you can register at Jobbuddy to store your CV or cover letter or any other documents. Jobbuddy allows you to store jobs, contacts and documents to access online from any where.

A successful career begins with a good CV. Create a CV online for yourself and make sure you at in the pool of candidates that get ahead in their job search.

Online CV Maker

Create a CV online for FREE via Jobbuddy.co.

And if you prefer to download free CV template then we’ve got you covered on that too! You can download free cv templates from our blog.

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