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Are these things keeping you from your dream job?

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Written by Faizan Patankar

Man, if I could say this any better, I would. However you are probably not in your dream job. And whatever you may say, you know, you are not 100% happy with your job.

When you are not in your dream job, it can be difficult at work. You might be down and struggling to be efficient.

Now, whether you are efficient or not at work, is none of ma’ business.

However, I do want to list out some of the common reasons that I see why there may be a barrier between you and your dream job.

What’s keeping you from your dream job?

Whatever it is, it probably falls under one of the below:

  • Money – you need money and your dream job may not pay well
  • Planning – you’ve been forever planning to leave
  • Opportunities – or the lack of them, you cannot find your dream job
  • Laziness – or in other terms you just can’t be bothered to find something you love
  • Comfort zone – you are worried to leave your comfort zone

Broadly all your reasons should fit into these. For e.g. if family commitments mean you cannot leave, the truth is you need the money to support your family. It is still money as the reason.

You need to break the wall between you and your dream job.

Honestly, you were born naked, without a plan, and no shit given. And then somehow along the way you got stuck in the worldly rat race ?

If you are not in your dream job, you are not happy. And what price do you put on your happiness? Click To Tweet

If you are happy, everything else will just fall in place. Trust me on it. 

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Money – is not really an issue. Yes you may have to cut back on some stuff. But you will be happier and by doing something you love, you can actually progress further in the long run. Damn, you might even be the expert in your area of interest!

Planning – quit. Just fu****g quit. Give yourself a kick up the backside and go out there and be free. Some of my friends did it – and it was so liberating for them. If you haven’t got commitments, just get the hell out of your workplace now.

Opportunities – can be tricky. I get it. But think about it, are there no opportunities because you are persistently in the planning phase? Opportunities are like buses, there isn’t one for a long time and then when it turns up, there are 2 or 3 in a row.

Laziness – let me repeat what I said earlier, Just fu****g quit.

Comfort zone – it doesn’t just appear. You are in your comfort zone, when you do things you have done before. It’s as simple as that. You will feel the fear when trying to do something new (p.s. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway is a good book, recommended by a good friend / colleague). But do the job for a month or so and you will be comfortable again. Don’t worry about it. When you were 1 year old, you didn’t know how to walk. Your cot was the comfort zone, if you could come out of that, goodness gracious you can conquer anything.

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So there you go, if you are not happy at work, break down the barrier to your happiness. You can do it.

And if there is any reason you think I’ve not thought about let me know. I really want to know what’s keeping you from your dream job.

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