6 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Moving offices is an extremely stressful process, so any additional information to help you can be very helpful.

Check out these 6 tips for moving offices like a boss!

Plan in advance

There will be a lot things going on during the move so it is of great importance to plan the moving day months in advance. This will also help when you are booking services such as a moving van, as it is months in advance, you are most likely going to get the day you want allocated to you.

You will also have to ensure that your new office is ready for the day of the move.  It is also important to warn all members of staff when the move is taking place so that they can put travel plans in place.

Employees will also have to find some time to pack up their belongings to bring to the new office.

Moving Van

First thing you will have to do is remove all your furniture that you’re going to keep from your current office to your new one. It’s advisable to get in touch with a removal van company if you don’t have a large car and have a lot of stuff to move to the office.

Rubbish Removal

Once you have got rid of the furniture in the office, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a rubbish removal service like Kwiksweep who specialize in office clearance in London to clear out the office of any unwanted property.  This will ensure the office is left in a good state for the new tenants.


You will also need to invest in a cleaning team to clean your new office on a monthly or weekly basis. You could keep your current team if they are available to clean in the area that the new office is in or look for a better team in the new area.

New Furniture

New office, new furniture? There will be a few pieces that you will want to keep as they are expensive or will fit with the style you want to have at the new office. You will also have to look into your budget and see if you can afford to buy all new furniture.

Stay Organised

There’s a lot of inventory that needs to be organised. Computer cables, desks, paper, chairs etc. That multiplied by the number of employees you have, that’s a lot of stuff to keep organised. Note down which items go in which boxes and who takes what items with them. This is extremely important as if you lose items, you will have to repurchase them. Whilst on the topic of repurchasing items, it is a great idea to get insurance for all business items so that if any of it is damaged or destroyed or lost during the move, you can repurchase it.

If you have any other tips for moving, comment below!