How Important Is An Office Space For Your Business

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Written by Faizan Patankar

You’ve just crossed a milestone in your start-up or business and now looking to make the next big move. This could be a new client or a big order from your online shop. But your clients want to see some credibility and one of the way to get that is through an office space.

How important is it to have serviced offices for your businesses?

We know the power of online businesses, but the truth is, Amazon still has a physical headquarter. All the banks provide online banking yet they have physical branches. It is the same for you. At some point you will need serviced offices to show that you are a credible figure in the business.

Now, having an office space is not that easy in traditional form. You know, you could go look for a space, big enough to accommodate you and your few team members. Then you need to look at the fittings, internet access, and other things, including bathroom facilities, etc. This will cost you a lot in upfront costs and even mean long term commitment. And you might have to secure some debt to pay for this, this isn’t necessarily your priority to secure your debt against? Your priority is doing business.

So what are the alternatives?

Well look at the more modern offerings. Have you thought about serviced offices? These are offices built exactly to make your job easier. You simply walk-in feel the atmosphere and see for yourself how awesome some of these serviced offices actually are.

Most of the serviced offices are in buildings that have the facilities already available, for example you can sign-up and get internet access instantly at preferable rates for business (varies between organisations). Think about it, as a small business or start-up you can’t afford buying office space in London! But then you find out about serviced offices and you can break deal with one.

This way, you have a London office with all the facilities and you are in company of other businesses who have acquired other serviced offices too. So, your clients can look you up and have a meeting with you.

Having Office Space Can Benefit Your Business

– You will get a sense of workplace

– Your team will be able to have a sense of responsibility and pride in telling where they work

– Your clients will get a chance to meet you in professional atmosphere

– You give out a serious business person image

Now with all these benefits it is hard to not think of serviced offices offerings around the UK. You will always have one close to your place. Even some Universities are now offering some space in their new buildings to budding entrepreneurs and small business.

Will Virtual Office Do?

Well in some cases it might do. You could definitely gain more credibility with no office, but virtual offices offer slightly less attractiveness to serviced offices.

Virtual offices cater to the more simple tasks of mail, call and other correspondence forwarding. You can even use these to register your business. And although some organisations offer the facilities to have meeting, these are less flexible than serviced offices.

Whatever your choice, remember it is important that you consider having a physical office space. Who knows, your next client might be ready to sign the deal, but he or she wants to have a “meeting at your office”. You don’t want to say No then.

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