6 Smart Ways to Prepare for the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) consists of three multiple-choice-question sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and two logical reasoning sections. The questions measure your critical thinking, reasoning and analysis.

If you want to get into law school, don’t underestimate how important a good LSAT score is. Even if you have a low-Grade Point Average, it can potentially be offset by an excellent LSAT score.

However, to gain a fantastic test score, you must study hard. Check out the following six smart ways to prepare for the LSAT so you can maximize your chances of scoring high on the test.

Select an LSAT Prep Course

With so many different LSAT prep courses available, it’s important you find the one that best suits your learning style.

Pick the right LSAT preparation course and, as long as you put in the study time, you stand a good chance of scoring high on the test so that you can get into the law school of your choice.

Study for the Right Amount of Time

If you think you can cram studying shortly before you take the test, you need to think again. If you’re serious about passing the LSAT, you need to devote months of study.

It is recommended you spend at least two months studying, but three to four months is ideal. You should spend around a minimum of five or six hours studying each week. 

Create a schedule for your study time, and make sure you don’t deviate from it.

Get to Know the Test

You don’t have to go into the test blind. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the maker of the test, has various resources and sample questions on its website that you should use to familiarize yourself with the LSAT.

The more you become familiar with the test, the readier you will be to take it on and pass with flying colors.

Take a Timed Practice Test

Not only does the LSAC have sample questions available, it also has free practice exams. You can take a timed test for free online.

If you don’t score well on the practice test, you can find out where you went wrong and then spend time improving on those areas.

If you do score well on the practice test, you have the opportunity to target specific types of questions so you can focus on maximizing your score.

A timed practice test also enables you to work out how much time you should spend on each question and section.

Spend a Lot of Time Studying Logical Reasoning

The two Logical Reasoning sections of the LSAT are worth half of your score. Therefore, it makes complete sense to spend more time studying specifically for those sections.

Even if you’re struggling in other areas, it’s vital you don’t skimp on taking the time to prepare for and practice Logical Reasoning.

Get to know all of the common types of Logical Reasoning questions and common types of wrong answers.

Look After Your Physical and Mental Health

There’s no denying that the study process for the LSAT is a long slog. So, it’s essential you feel mentally and physically healthy throughout the process.

Exercising regularly and eating healthily is proven to boost brainpower and increase productivity. So, don’t neglect taking time to exercise and feed your body and your mind.

On the other hand, if you spend all your time cooped up inside for long periods of time, you will become more susceptible to irritability and distraction, which will make your study preparation time much less productive.

Look after your physical and mental health while you study, and you will maximize your concentration.

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