5 Famous Law Schools in the US

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Before you think about getting into the law profession, you need to first understand different degree courses offered in law colleges and universities. The course you opt into shapes you up, and helps you understand the different types of law, as well as precedent cases that have been fought and won/lost.

Plus let’s face it: studying law isn’t easy and requires a significant amount of practice and assistance. 

From basics to the top level of law courses, aspirants undergo different courses and studies until they graduate, pass the bar, and become a practicing professional. These courses offered in law schools designed to prepare students as future top lawyers.

You can get the list of best law schools online or by using apps. There’s also many LSAT prep apps and courses available to make sure you’re fully prepared when the time comes.

For those that are looking to set the ‘bar’ high, let’s check some of the top law colleges to look forward:

#1 Harvard Law School:

One of the reputed law schools in the world, Harvard Law School is a part of Harvard University founded in 1817. Over the decades, the law school has produced some great legal scholars and the school is now among the esteemed colleges for aspiring law students. Every year, many students graduate from this school to become top legal professionals.

#2 Stanford Law School:

An ABA Accredited and AALS Member, the law school is the part of Stanford University. There are more than 70 full time and part law faculty members teaching more than 500 students. Graduate law students graduating from this law school gain maximum exposure to have success in the profession. The law school has some famous alumni who are now great law professionals and inspire aspirants to become one.

#3 Yale Law School:

The school is also accredited by the ABA and AALS. Established in 1824, the law school till date has produced some large number of law professionals including former US President Bill Clinton. There are different courses including 3-year JD Program which enrols 200 students. Every year, the law school produces enough MBA in Law students giving good exposure to the field.

#4 Columbia University Law School

Regarded as the prestigious law schooling the world, Columbia University Law School was founded in 1858 and has produced some eligible law professionals. The university is known for its corporate law strength and placement. Students are offered great resources to prepare them for the future.

#5 UC Berkeley Law School:

Commonly referred as Berkeley Law and Boalt Hall, it is one of the reputed law schools and offers complete resources for students. Law aspirants are well trained and provided the complete picture about the changing law phases. Every year, numbers of aspiring law students pass and complete a higher degree.


Deciding what law school, you want to attend also ties directly to the type of law you want to practice, as some are more well-known than others for specific areas of study. Again, there are tons of available resources online to learn the different areas of law you can practice, as well as universities available. Do your due diligence and you’ll be on the right track!

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