5 Careers for People Who Love to Travel

If you manage to combine your job with something you love doing, you’re onto a winner. Work doesn’t have to be dull and tedious, and what better way to make the working day enjoyable than by indulging in your passions? For some of us, the desire to travel is satisfied by a whirlwind trip around the world on a gap year. We then settle down into a ‘proper job’ that doesn’t take us further than the local supermarket. However, there are many careers out there in which travel plays an important role, giving us the chance to live in a foreign country or jet off somewhere new and exotic each week. If you haven’t decided on a career yet, but know you love adventure, here are some jobs that might be up your street.


1. English Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language is a great way to get involved in the culture of another country. Many countries in South America, Europe and Asia have opportunities to teach in private language schools, where you’ll earn enough money to cover your cost of living and fund the odd trip home. The average English teacher gets pretty long holidays which can be used to learn the local language and explore the country. The best way to find a job is to arrive in your chosen place and hand out your CV, rather than trying to arrange one from back home. Most reputable schools will require a university degree and a recognised English language teaching qualification like the CELTA or TESOL.

2. Flight Attendant

For those not averse to flying, becoming a flight attendant has many brilliant benefits. Depending upon who you end up working for, you could enjoy free flights, possibly even for your friends and family too, lots of time off, discounts on hotels, and much more. While the pay isn’t that great to begin with, it gets a lot better once you’ve been on the job for a few years. You will also be required to work unsociable hours, but the benefits more than make up for the disadvantages. Neither A-levels, nor a degree are necessary, although being able to speak a foreign language is a bonus.

3. City Tour Guide

If you have a real passion for culture and history, what could be better than getting to talk about it all day long? Being a city tour guide allows you to share your enthusiasm for a place with other people from all around the world. Most tour guides work on a freelance basis, so it might be necessary to have another source of income as well. Personal requirements are great communication skills, a love of working with people and in-depth knowledge of your chosen city. You’ll probably also need to pass an exam testing your local expertise.

4. Charity Project Manager

If you want a rewarding career that also lets you live in different places, you can’t find much better than becoming a charity worker. There are thousands of projects running in Africa, South America and Asia aimed at reducing poverty, each of which requires someone to manage them. The charity sector is very competitive, so you may want to start by volunteering for a charity abroad or getting an admin job back home. Most applicants for a project management role will have a Master’s degree in International Development or similar.

5. Wildlife Photographer

What’s not to like? You get to travel the world and see some of the most amazing animals on the planet. Wildlife photography requires a surprisingly wide range of skills. As well as obviously being able to take brilliant pictures, you’ll need to know how to protect and repair your equipment quickly, as well as process and edit your own shots.

There are photography degrees, although there is some debate as to how useful they actually are, compared to gaining solid work experience. There is also a range of specialist courses, and those interested in marine wildlife would do well to learn to dive.


Matt is a writer and travel fanatic, based in London. He has held down many jobs over the years, ranging from English teacher to manager of a gift shop, and currently writes about UK hotels for HotelClub.com.

Image credit: International House Newcastle Language School

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  • Very cool list. I think #1 is my favorite on the list.. or the one I’d be most likely to try.