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4 Tips for Keeping the Workplace a Super Safe Environment

It is fairly well known that workplace environments, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, require staff to be extra prudent about accidental injuries.

However, a workplace injury can happen anywhere people go to work.

From grocery stores, to laboratories, to office spaces, if there is a staff member present, the potential for injury does exist.

At the same time, a lot of work-related accidents that do occur are, at some level, completely avoidable.

Read these 4 tips on keeping the workplace a safe environment and your company just might experience far fewer job-related injuries:

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1. Have an Updated Company Handbook

Having a company handbook is as important for general operations as it is for instructing employees on what to do in case of a work-related injury.

The company handbook should point out where all first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits are located.

In addition to instructing employees on how to react if a co-worker is injured, company handbooks are crucial for helping to maintain peace, order, and a calm demeanor during emergency situations.

Company handbooks and instruction manuals can cover everything from illnesses to traumatic injuries, and dealing with situations where staff may feel like their safety may be in jeopardy.

Keep a company handbook in each work area so that they can easily be accessed at all times.

2. Host Regular Employee Training Sessions

From new hires to tenured veterans, all staff should be participating in regular employee training and re-certification sessions.

You can give presentations about work-related injuries, give your staff periodic quizzes, and even have safety experts come in for Q&A sessions on an at least yearly basis.

This will ensure that everyone knows what to do when presented with an emergency in the workplace.

3. Have an Approved System for Handling Workplace Injuries

In addition to the company handbook, there needs to be a system in place so that all workers know what their roles will be in an emergency.

For instance, the company receptionist might be tasked with calling 911 in case anyone were ever to become hurt.

If your company staff includes drivers, they should be ready to drive an injured co-worker to the hospital in case of an accident at the job.

4. Have all Workplace Injury Standards Approved by a Licensed Attorney

While you can consider OSHA, local, and even federal employment laws, it can be difficult for an employer to ensure that they’ve taken all necessary precautions – and even companies who are fully compliant with all workplace safety laws can, and still do, face lawsuits.

The best possible strategy you can have is to have all of your workplace safety rules and manuals looked over by an attorney.

A work injury can happen for any reason, at any time, in any setting. By working with a lawyer, you can suss out any potential hazards, and work to correct any issues you have with company safety protocols.

Most of the time, an accident in the workplace is exactly what it seems – an accident that came about as a result of an error, misjudgment, misstep, or mishap.

Just because an injury in the workplace was an accident doesn’t mean that there will be no accountability.

Teach your employees to carefully carry out all tasks to avoid unnecessary injuries, and be prepared to act fast if one does occur.

Taking these crucial steps will help to keep your staff, as well as your business, safer overall.

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