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10 Meeting Room Designs You Won’t Believe Are Real

Written by Faizan Patankar

This post is sponsored by &Meetings – The UK’s leading provider of flexible meeting solutions with a portfolio across London and Southern England.

  1. ‘Old Skool’ Table and Chairs

I am a fan of simplicity and minimalistic use of space. And this Canadian PR agency BICOM has this cool meeting room. Some chairs, a table and wooden walls. Old school lighting and next to no technology – a room for creativity and brainstorming? Perfect!

Meeting rooms should entice creativity to get those brain juices flowing. And this meeting room design does just that.

old skool table and chairs

  1. ‘Made for Godfather’ Meeting Room

That’s what comes to my mind when I see this meeting room – Godfather would walk in and select you for the next mission. Not far off; it’s a meeting room that Dropbox uses for interviews. Think how cool it would be to walk into this meeting room for an interview? I would love to try that, if only for the experience! You can see some more of Dropbox office architecture here.

Dropbox interview room

  1. ‘Colourful but Professional’ Gets The Job Done

How does a big wig like Microsoft appear vibrant yet professional? I don’t know – and if I knew that, I would offer the answer to Microsoft for about a million dollars. But when I look at this Microsoft meeting room, from their Lisbon office – I am awed. It has everything you want in a meeting room, technology, minimalistic furniture, colour, vibrancy and professionalism. Doing just enough without going overboard – a perfect meeting room for me.

You can see some more pics from Microsoft’s Lisbon offices.

Microsoft-lisbon office

  1. ‘The Trendy’ Let’s Get Stuff Done

Ever used Tripadvisor? Of course at some point you have. It’s a website that does extraordinary things with ordinary information – it has taken local information global. Who would’ve thought someone in China cares about a hotel in Edinburgh? And who had the brains to think it up?

And those brains sit in this meeting room I like. It’s trendy, it’s funky, yet has what is required for a meeting. Colourful and vibrant, I love it.

Some more pictures from this new re-designed office can be found here.

TripAdvisor-office-by-Kyoob-id-Singapore-China-03 (1)

  1. ‘The Breakaway’ Meeting Room

I like breakout rooms; sometimes you want to take your laptop and sit with 2-3 other colleagues to discuss something. I don’t want an 8-people meeting room, just a small breakout room to talk things through. And that’s why I love this meeting (almost a breakout) room by Airbnb.

I like how Airbnb is using their office space – just like users see listings on their website. Minimalistic but does the job – and a little bit of character thrown in. Voila, it’s beautiful. See some more of Airbnb architecture here.


  1. ‘The Extravagant’ Sober Journalist Meeting Room

That’s the next meeting room on my list. Extravagant but sober. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s like the difference between a shiny and a matte finish object. They could both look amazing in their own way. And this BBC Worldwide meeting room is one of them. Nothing is shiny, yet it is vibrant and colourful. It is minimalistic, yet it is inspiring. And if you look at some of the other architecture from BBC worldwide here, you’ve got to say, it is very impressive how they’ve done it without going overboard on the shiny stuff.


  1. ‘The Quiet Star’ Gets Noticed

I often go into a conference or meeting room, grab a chair, sit down and then make myself comfortable. Chairs are as important part of a meeting room as the equipment within it – without comfortable chairs, the meeting would be way more uncomfortable. But chairs often get overlooked – they are the silent stars of good meetings and never get a mention. And I only realised this when I saw the meeting room below. Quiet and colourful. The chairs are the attraction – and who wouldn’t smile in this meeting room? It’s heavenly. And this blog documents scenes from their office, so you can see more here.

awesome chairs

  1. ‘Pacman’ – Enough Said

What’s one sure shot way to get people to come to your meeting? Call it the Pacman meeting room. Then do it justice and add Pacman stuff. Well played, Cool Blue, well played. See more from Cool Blue here.



  1. ‘Super Mario’ – You’re Kidding Me

Nope, no way. In fact, the same guys who did Pacman above did the Super Mario bros meeting room below. Can someone find these people and salute them for me please? See some more of the architecture here.


  1. 10. ‘Uh…What’ Meeting Room

Some may or may not like this. But I like it. It has striking colours and a strong quote and is minimalistic otherwise. It’s almost art. I will leave you with it.

See more of this place here.



This post is sponsored by &Meetings – The UK’s leading provider of flexible meeting solutions with a portfolio across London and Southern England.

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