Youth Enterprise Live. Un-missable Event for those in Education, Enterprise, Employment

youth enterprise live

Youth Enterprise Live 2012 is an event focussing on employment, education and enterprise for 15-30 year olds and brings together a collective audience of solution suppliers and young people to define and determine a more productive and resolute future.

youth enterprise live

A creation from heart and passion to deal with the pitfalls of young people entering into the workplace.

Ketan Makwana, creator and host of Youth Enterprise Live explains his reasoning behind the idea and its implementation.

“Last summer the riots affected everyone of us is one way, shape and form.. it was at this stage that I felt that we as a society need to stop talking and start doing… parts of these riots may have been provoked by race attacks, however, the majority of this was in my opinion frustration from a generation that can be forgotten… look at Spain, for example… 1 in 4 unemployed.. Poverty reigns at 53% and their 18-25 generation is almost invisible.
david cameron youth enterprise live
Youth Enterprise Live is a culmination of a platform for young people to showcase their talents, abilities and achievements whilst engaging sectors and industries who are currently out of synch with the future generation… a show where experience meets opportunity and we don’t just inspire a generation, but get them to act.
For this sole reason I have created the largest UK event for register for youth enterprise liveyoung people where they can come and get first hand experience, advice and guidance on the things they are most passionate about and through the pavilions lie the opportunities for progession in education, employment options, and of course, a driving force to support our future entrepreneurs.
The Prime Minster David Cameron has fully endorsed my event and this is my legacy to Britain and its future generations… a legacy of bridging gaps, enhancing employability… encouraging enterprise.
This show was not a result of high unemployment or a trend of starting up new businesses… but a solution and platform for a change in mindset and an opportunity to show young people how much opportunity is out there, whilst providing a clearer pathway for sectors and industry to recruit future talent.”

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