Your Career is Your Career – Don’t Let Anyone Complicate It For You #NCW2015

National Careers Week 2015

National Careers Week 2015

This post is part of the series we are doing for National Careers Week 2015. Career Geek is the official blog partner of National Careers Week 2015. Visit NCW site. See all posts for NCW2015 on Career Geek.

I like National Careers Week, because it brings out the best from people who want to help with career guidance. And that’s how it should be.

I see far too many resources springing up with quizzes, questions, personality tests, etc. And they are useful, but at the end of the day, your career is your career and no one should overcomplicate it.

You can read 10,000 articles about what you should do to have a good career – but let me tell you, nothing can be achieved without hard work and passion for what you do.

No one is born perfect, so don’t think you cannot do something great. Because you CAN! Practise something enough times and you will be an expert at it. If that means pulling the rope on an oil and gas offshore field, then so be it. Be proud of whatever you decide to do.

Tip: Find a mentor from the National Careers Week network

National Careers Week allows people like me to reach out and speak to you. And that’s what you should look out for even after the week. Find someone you can speak to and see if they can mentor you.

In fact, if you are on Twitter, simply shout out to any of the National Careers Week ambassadors to ask if they’d be open to mentoring you. (p.s. use the hashtag #NCW2015 and someone else may pitch in to mentor you as well!)

And if you think no one would mentor you, you haven’t heard the story of accidental mentorship yet 🙂

The image below will give you the story of how mentorship could be a game changer. A magnificent (and hilarious) example of Accidental Mentorship… JP Barlow on how ‘to smash it!’ (hat tip: Alessandra Albano)


So go out there and remember – don’t let anyone complicate your career! During this National Careers Week, find a mentor who you can speak to and who can advise you on some resources you can access to further your career development.

If you are stuck with anything, tweet or email me a question on @career_geek or faizan[at]careergeekblgo[dot]com.