10 Jobs You Didn’t Think You Needed A Degree For

Written by Faizan Patankar

We all know there are some jobs that require education beyond a bachelor’s degree-doctors, lawyers, MBAs. But did you know that ice cream tasters and racetrack managers also need to get master’s degrees to reach the highest levels of their fields?

Here are 10 jobs you didn’t think you needed a degree for but (surprisingly) you do!

The list is as follows. Oh and if any of you are on one of these degrees, please tweet us or comment below, we’d love to talk!

Ice Cream Taster

Degree required Master’s in food science. At an average degree cost of $20,800 it will pay you $56,000 as an ice cream taster. Not bad eh?


Quite honestly, I didn’t know you had a degree for this role. But alas, what do I know. to become a librarian a Master of Library Sciences degree will help. It comes at a cost of $27,500 but provides a good salary of $58,500.

However, I do think as a quiet patrol member in the library won’t pay you $58,000.

Convention Director

I thought this was done by Marketing guys all over? Guess not, since there is a degree you can do for this: Master of Science in event tourism. The degree costs $28,710 with a salary return of $48,000.

p.s. At this point stop and reflect on the fact that it pays more to taste ice creams than become a director! Who knew?

Revenue Agent

To instantly get on the list of most disliked people, you can become a Revenue Agent with a degree in Master of Science in taxation. It costs $21,000 for the degree and an average salary of $49,360.

There are easier ways to be hated, without paying $21,000.

Christian Sports Camp Counselor


You can do a degree in Master of Divinity with sports ministry certificate. It costs $49,000 to do the degree with a salary of $60,000.


Yes, you actually have a degree in this. Go ahead and take a class on Master of Arts in puppetry. It will set you back by $59,000 and pay you just $28,000.

So you will end up twice as much as your salary, why would one do this? Then again, why would one do a degree in puppetry.

Horse-racing Track Manager

I am glad this one has a degree. You kinda need some support to manage this. You can do a degree in Master of Science with racetrack management certificate.

It will cost you $43,980 for your degree and salary can be around the $55,000 mark.

Bowling Alley Manager

Surely this is ridiculous?

You can do a degree in Master of Professional Studies n sports industry management. It will cost you $34,000 and the pay is around $34,857.

And here I was thinking high school students manage my bowling alley!

Genetic Counselor

I have no idea what this is, but it sounds serious stuff!

Well it costs $51,000 to do a degree in Master’s in genetic counseling. And pays a salary of $55,820.


I’ve lost the will to live by now!

Degree: Master of Science in viticulture. Costs: 56,422. Pays: $95,263.

Enough said.

So there you go, who knew you needed a degree for that!

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