You Are Where You Are Today Because of Your Choices

This is true, in fact, very true. However, what if the choices you’ve made were dictated by the decisions made by others and landed you in a position where all you can feel is dissatisfaction? Too vague? I’ll give you an example. From the age of 17, or slightly earlier even, we are told to start thinking of our future and where we would like to see ourselves in ten years’ time. Some individuals are fully aware of what they want to do, and have a clear vision. Maybe this is due to the fact that they have relatives that they look up to and want to follow into their footsteps. There are also others who have absolutely no idea what they’d want to do or where they’d like to be in a few years’. This is where it gets tricky. Unfortunately, there’s not always someone to hold your hand throughout life. It’s the type of situation where you’re standing in front of two closed doors, contemplating which one to open.


This is where I bring destiny and fate into it. Do they actually exist? Do you believe that occurrences in your life happen for a reason? Rewinding back to those individuals who have had their life dictated by others, i.e. parents, and end up doing something they don’t enjoy. Parents want the best for their children, and so they should. However, I’ve come across cases where young individuals are pushed in the wrong direction. At the end of the day, no matter how much parents, friends and well-wishers would like to help, it’s only the individual that knows what he/she’s capable of.

Some of you may seem puzzled over what I mean by people dictating your life. The reason why I’ve brought it up is because I’ve seen it happen in a lot of cultures. Young adults these days, don’t always have the flexibility to pursue  what they are passionate about. For instance, I know of an individual who loves geography but is now working towards pursuing a career in the science field. Luckily, she’s happy, but not everyone in the same situation is. Secondly, I also know of someone who loves fashion but is now in a field that is completely different from fashion.

Some may not excel in academia, and have more of a creative sense of mind. It doesn’t matter. There’s a quotation that I’ve come across numerous times, and it goes something like this: ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself’. Many individuals have great talent, but either don’t know of it yet or are not allowed to express it. Learn to stand up for yourself, and find a way of making your dreams come true.You’ve got one life, determined by several choices. Make the most of it. Act calmly, sensibly and seek whatever guidance is relevant TO YOU! It’ll most likely be a struggle, but sometimes it’s good to struggle. Struggling makes you stronger.

What if you’ve made choices independently but they’ve resulted in not being the right ones for you? Examples could be thinking you’ve chosen the best possible A-levels or degree that suits you, but ended up being the complete opposite of what you’re destined to do and, therefore, resulted in mediocrity when you had the potential to become exceptional. As a result, this comes to my next point about how to fight your regrets and for it I am going to refer to an article from SUCCESS Magazine[1] (a fantastic magazine, do read it!) by Mel Ribbons about learning how to get over yourself. Ribbons advises that you forget about how the world around you thinks of you, get over the humiliation and move on. That’s it!

Additionally, individuals may assume that the choices they’ve made have gone against them. This might not make a lot of sense, but this is where I bring fate into it. Do you think individuals are destined to become famous singers, authors, doctors, lawyers or become millionaires?  Have your choices already been predefined, and all you have to do is fulfil them? Not so long ago, I was engrossed in a conversation about the importance of hard work and disciplining yourself, and it was mentioned that if it’s meant to be, the dream would chase you. In other words, you don’t need to work yourself too hard to achieve what you’ve been destined for.

Then again I’ve recently come across this quotation which also got me thinking;

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

As you can imagine, a lot can be said when we bring fate into it. From analysing this quotation, I still believe that whatever we decide in our career happens for a reason. Others could also argue that we are the reason. You decide, you choose. It’s your choice.

I’m aware that this article relates to nothing specific under the ‘career’ category, but is anything ever that specific? It’s up to you on how you interpret it or relate it to your experiences.  It’s your decision and your choice and, quite frankly, I’m not an expert in all this, don’t have a PhD, nor am I an astrologer/psychic. I’m just a regular person, ‘creating myself’ through the one life I have got. However, at the moment, all I can end this with is by simply stating:

 Have some freedom, embellish an opportunity made by a choice! 


Image Credit: Evolving Times