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How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

To get the desired job offer, you need to go through several stages of interviews. But whether you will be invited to a personal meeting directly depends on a well-written resume and a good cover letter.

Many people do not know how to properly compose them.

In this article, we will take a closer look at such a topic as a cover letter in English. We will learn how to draw it up correctly, what to write, and why you even need to write a letter to an employer in order to get a dream job.

Why Should I Write a Cover Letter?

A cover letter plays an important role in working culture. First of all, cover letters are needed when sending along with a resume for a desired vacancy or position.

You may also need cover letters in other situations. For example, supplement the main application for a university or language courses.

People do not always understand the need for such a cover letter or motivation letter when applying for a job, but in Europe and the USA, they take cover letters quite seriously.

Such a letter allows an HR manager to learn more about a potential employee than is written in a standard resume such as their ability to express thoughts on paper, how a person speaks the language, how coherently he writes, and so on.

Also, according to the cover letter, it is assessed how motivated a person is in obtaining a position and where exactly he learned about the vacancy.

The Principles of Writing a Cover Letter

The cover letter template is sent for jobs as an attachment to a resume, so they should serve their primary purpose: helping you get the job you want.

A good cover letter should:

Be Brief

In terms of length, a cover letter template should not take more than one printed A4 page, especially if you are sending a printed resume.

Be Written with Professional Language

In a cover letter, as in any other official document, it is inappropriate to use slang, abbreviations, and any other free speech.

Clearly and simply state your thoughts, add facts and motivation – this will be enough for a good cover letter, and your chances of being invited to the office for a further meeting will increase.

Written for Specifically for the Position

The copied cover letter template is bad form in the business environment. HR managers can easily distinguish a letter specially composed by you from a typical one, which is sent to everyone in a row along with a resume.

Your letter, of course, will be read, but they will be less enthusiastic about your person.

Just imagine how many such emails and resumes go through the hands of an HR manager per month. Your task is to stand out from the rest, but do it gracefully and tastefully.

Identify Your Strengths

In your cover letter, you need to praise yourself but do it tactfully and in moderation. You should not paint your former achievements in bright colors, but it will not be superfluous to indicate some real numbers that will help evaluate your work.

Final Thoughts

When using a cover letter template, be sure to customize it to match your voice, skills, and the job you are applying for.

Writing a cover letter is your opportunity to market yourself beyond your resume. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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