Just Because I Write A Careers Blog Doesn’t Make Me A Careers Expert

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Written by Faizan Patankar

I’ve written over 400 articles on this very careers blog. And having gathered multiple 100,000s of views, I get tagged as a careers expert.

Career Geek is an expert careers blog. I am not a careers expert. I am merely a person with an opinion. And I use Career Geek to share my opinion.

Does it matter if I am not a careers expert?

It doesn’t matter, if the readers know that they are reading an opinion. However, I see a lot of blogs try to be seen as “Careers Experts” and give brutally bad advice to their readers.

I don’t pass myself as a careers expert. Hell, I have committed so many mistakes in my career, one would wonder why do I even write a careers blog.

But making mistakes is part of life. I just seem to make a lot of them! Nonetheless, it is these very mistakes that I make in my career or see somebody else make in theirs is what I share on the blog. Career Geek is an opinionated blog on the careers market.

And I hope you realise, that 90 out of 100 blogs are not experts in their field, but merely a commentator.

So who are the careers experts?

No one.

It’s a show off title which means nothing. There are no careers experts. Everyone is a person with an opinion. Your colleague or your friend or that person sitting across you in the cafe (hola!) anyone could give you an opinion on careers. Whether you take it or leave it is upto you!

You can take careers advice from anyone, however there are some people better than others who may help you with your career related questions.

Look for careers advisers in schools or universities. Damn, these people are paid to give you advice! And they are trained for it…

If you are at work, get a mentor. It’s the single smartest investment you will make in your career. Mentors will advise you on your questions and they have the experience and hindsight to share what they did / would’ve done differently.

Of course you can speak to a Career Coach (one that I know of is Headstart Coachingand no they are not paying me to link to them. I just know them!

Careers blog only bring you opinions

I am not slating off careers blog. Career Geek is one of them. Ahem… one of the top careers blogs out there infact (that was a shameless plug, I know).

But please, don’t take every thing we say as expert advice. Any and every careers blog is bringing you the best careers content. It is varied and can sometimes be contrary to popular opinion. But that’s opinion for you, it can be different.

Sometimes we create tools, like giving you free CV templates or even providing a tool to create your CV online.

So there you go, I write a careers blog but I am not a careers expert. There are people far more qualified than me to speak to you, make use of them.

Look at my LinkedIn profile, I am an Engineer. I love technology and dabble in the startup world burning the midnight oil. Hopefully that lays to rest any claims that I am a careers expert. I am not. I only provide alternative careers content.

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Faizan Patankar

I started Career Geek Blog in 2011 to share my experience in job-hunting. I now focus on careers industry and blogging is just a tool to share that info. Love hacking careers. During the day I focus on my hobby - Engineering.

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