Will You Take The Most Important Job In London?

Written by Faizan Patankar

What is the most important job? Is it that of a President or Prime Minister? Or are the bankers doing the most important job? Is it Doctors, Engineers or lobbyists?

None of them.

I believe the most important job is that of someone who teaches kids. Does that seem odd? Well it shouldn’t be.

Early Years Educators, the unsung heroes of this world

Today more and more parents chose childcare for their kids whilst they are at work. And it’s easy to think, childcare is all about someone looking after a child, whilst the parent is away. Have you ever thought, the early years educator looking after a child, is shaping the future of the child?

I remember going to a nursery myself and getting the support before I was ready for school. I hardly remember the name of my teachers then. But I do remember how much better I felt when i started school because of the good nursery support I had.

One such nursery that’s changing the world, one child at a time is LEYF. Since it’s inception in 1903, LEYF is one of London’s largest charitable enterprises, providing high quality day care and education to over 3,000 children across 9 boroughs.

It is an ideal example of an organisation that has successfully moved from a traditional charity model to one that generates income in order to fulfill its social aims – a model that will be crucial for many charities to adopt in order to survive. LEYF also regularly receives independent commendation of its work.

Would you take the most important job in London?

LEYF is recruiting for various positions. Are you ready to do the most important job in London? Will you care for the kids who are the future? The astronauts, fim-makers, world leaders, chefs and many more roles that the kids go on to take.

It is worth watching this inspirational video by LEYF


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