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Will A Robot Take My Job? And Which Jobs Are Most Threatened


I was sent this interesting infographic by Creately on whether a robot will take your job. I was keen to know will a robot take my job?

Jobs which are most threatened by automation, i.e. where over the next two decades, machine, A.I. and software will replace human effort!

These are the jobs which over the next two decades will have robots replacing humans completely Click To Tweet
  • Legal secretaries and paralegals
  • Bookkeepers and CA
  • Local government admin workers
  • Utility company engineers
  • Salespersons and retail assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Cashiers
  • Postal workers and couriers
  • Delivery and taxi drivers
  • Interpreters and translators

Will a robot take my job if I do any of the above roles?

It’s tricky, because in some instances, it’s given that in future the job will be done by a robot. Take an example of a taxi driver.

We know self-driving cars are a pursuit of many technology businesses. And eventually self-driving cars along with UBER technology – cities may not need taxi-drivers any more.

If you are a taxi driver, you really shouldn’t wonder “will a robot take my job”. It is a given, that it will happen!

I was a bit surprised to see utility company engineers. However, with more sensors and data gathering that is ongoing at utility companies, it is not a surprise that eventually, A.I. will take over.

Anyhow, I will let you have a look at the infographic below on whether a robot will take your job.


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