Why Web Design Is A Good Career Choice For Students

After studying at school, a lot of students start mulling over their career path. You may not know what to begin with, which profession is highly paid and the most respectful one. Thus, lots of your questions are not answered due to the lack of experience.

If you want to become a web designer, you have made a good career choice. In our modern world, full of technologies, every company wants a perfect and useful website that can take its place on the first page of search engines. The high demand for quality websites makes many students think about web design as a career choice. Of course, many novice workers have lots of questions about this field. Also, get acquainted with seven main reasons why you should look for a job in web design below.

Flexible choice for workplace.

As a web designer, you have endless possibilities where to work. For example, you can work for web studios and digital agencies, IT companies, for example, Google, custom essay writing service by EduBirdie.com, advertising agencies, etc. What is more, you can become a freelancer and create your own company. Generally, this fast-growing industry provides you with unlimited opportunities.

Popular industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2024, employment in web design will increase by 27%. It is expected that the area will expand as more and more transactions are moving from local stores to online shops. Companies are beginning to realize that consumers are tied to their smart devices. Thus, the increased use of mobile devices will raise the demand for the websites that are very responsive and useful, and successively, for highly qualified designers to create such sites.

Show your creativity.

Being a web designer, you can show your creativity – from the graphics you choose to the overall layout of the websites you create and the color as well as the style you utilize. You will have the opportunity to present your own unique technique. Remember that companies will rely on you as an expert in creating websites that will leave an indelible impression on consumers.

Competitive salary.

According to Salary.com, experienced web designers who can create complex interfaces and work with large projects can earn from 61,738 to 82,468 dollars per year and more. Newbies without work experience can expect a salary of 50,000$ in regional studios and a little more in major cities.

Good perspectives for future.

As was already mentioned, the area of ​​web design will grow. As demand for websites increases, you can expect this area continue to grow. We should mention that web designers who are proficient in several programming languages ​​and digital tools will have the best opportunities for moving up the career ladder.

You can work anywhere and with anybody.

This area will allow you to work with clients from all over the world. In addition, as most of the work is done on a computer, you can work wherever you have an Internet connection. This means that you can work even from your own home. It is great to have an ability to cooperate with clients remotely without spending time on commuting to the office.

New knowledge.

Technology is continually evolving, so it is essential for web designers to improve their skills in order to remain in demand in the market. If you decide to work in an agency, you will get acquainted with a variety of interesting technologies that will help you in creating modern websites. You will also need the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the best sites on the Internet.

It is important to be able to work with interfaces, create user-friendly and understandable site visitors. Therefore, any web designer needs to master UX/ UI design and web analytics. Moreover, every day of such an expert is different, helping one stay interested, satisfied and challenged.


While in other industries there has been a slowdown in growth, the web design industry keeps expanding providing people with great opportunities for career. As you can see, the possibilities and advantages of the work of a web designer cannot be denied.

If you feel that becoming a web designer is an excellent choice for your career, the first step is to find a college or university for appropriate education. And do not forget to practice. Good luck!

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