Why No Career Choice Should Be Ridiculed [Infographic]

Everyone has an idea of what makes them happy and what they enjoy doing, usually beginning as a hobby. This typically proceeds to pursuing a career that involves that activity, depending on individual’s opportunity and ability. This is truly the ideal situation in modern society, to be doing something you love and getting paid to do it.

The one problem people encounter is that those close to them may not agree with the route they choose and are instead made to feel like they are pursuing a dream that is either impossible or not desirable by most people.

Support the Hobby

When people have a hobby that is deemed unconventional, it is easy to be distant from that person because of your perception of their interests. This could be performing comedy nights in London or collecting certain things like coins or cards. When it comes to what people enjoy doing, especially if they’re your friend, then you should support them regardless of which path they choose.

Don’t Discourage a Career Pursuit

While sometimes people still support certain hobbies as long as they’re not dangerous, they still may discourage pursing that hobby as a career. Now, while you should encourage alternative routes in case one plan falls through, you should not pressure people into doing something they don’t want to pursue. So, if someone is passionate about gaming, encourage them to find a way to be able to provide for themselves. If it isn’t working out, then encourage them to take another path. There is no need to instantly dismiss it because you don’t understand the several career opportunities that these hobbies can provide.

It is vital to remember that you never truly know what is going on in someone’s head and if you ridicule a person for their interests, you could be negatively affecting them in more ways than you imagine. Open the eyes of your peers to new opportunities where they may not have believed you before. Now, to lighten things up, here are 50 jokes in the form of a brilliant infographic provided by Comedy Carnival.

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