Why Learning to Drive Could Boost Your Career Prospects

We all know how hard job hunting can be. You’ve got all the qualifications, a glittering resume and a perfectly pressed suit, but can you get to your new office? If the answer is no, it might be time you learnt to drive!

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Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign (Photo credits: myparkingsign.com)

Post-Uni Isolation

Depending on where you live, holding a driving license can be a life line. If you’ve been away at university, for example, moving home to a sleepy village without a car or license can feel like you’ve been cut off from the whole world. Although it may not seem like the best time to be splashing out on driving lessons, it’s definitely the best way to regain some of your university freedom.

Living at home whilst you learn will save you money on rent and bills, and perhaps you could even save some money by asking your parents to give you a few lessons themselves.

Completing Your Resume

It’s not just your social life that will benefit from learning to drive. Getting your license can help you on the path to your dream career. In fact, it could be the vital missing piece to your resume. Not only does it let your prospective employer know that you’re able to get to and from work without having to rely on unreliable public transport, but it also shows them that you’re – excuse the pun – driven to succeed.

Even if you can’t afford a car, you’ll have your driving license ready and waiting for when you can. After all, an employer can’t expect you to be able to pay for a car without a job, can they?

What are You Applying for?

Of course, if your dream is to become a taxi driver, you’re going to need a license, but there are a few jobs that you may not realize you need to drive for. If you want to go into marketing, for example, you may need to attend important meetings in different towns or even states.

Although many jobs are in the city and, therefore, easily accessible via public transport, there may be times when your career requires you to travel elsewhere. Driving may also become a necessity if you live outside of the city and need to travel to the train station daily.

The Future

It’s not just about getting your first step on the career ladder. Learning to drive early will make your life easier when you start a family. Learning gets harder the older you get, and trying to juggle family life and your career without access to a car is a challenge not many people would be willing to face.

Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect, but if you’re trying to find employment, having a full, clean license could be what sets you apart from the applicant next to you. Not only will learning to drive benefit you in the short term, but it will also prove invaluable in the long term. It’s never too late to learn, so why not look into booking your first lesson today, and you’ll be on the road in no time.


Isabelle is a recent English graduate and you can find more of her writing at PassSmart.com.

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