Why Consider A Career In Accounting?


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Accounting is the dream job for many people as it comes with a number of insights about the financial industry – not to mention a whole host of other benefits too.

An accounting qualification can lead to high paying jobs in some of the most exciting industries, but there’s a lot more required in this sector than simply being good with numbers.

Accounting courses are considered by some as one of the most intense study disciplines, but the end rewards are worth the effort for those who have the dedication and skills.

Accounting study

If you’re still at the decision stage and wondering whether to apply for an accounting qualification then consider the study involved. A three year BA Honours Course in Accounting and Finance will involve core coursework, such as business economics, financial data analysis, management accounting and financial accounting.

You’ll also have the opportunity to choose modules based on your career goals and this can include operations management, trade and international businesses, business law and taxation. Studying for this qualification is not for those who are easily daunted by hard work – and students need to have very good time management skills due to the intensive work-loads.

Skills required

Accountancy jobs require a particular set of skills. If you have these traits you’ll definitely have an edge and be more likely to fulfill your long-term career aspirations. An ACCA Accounting qualification will give you the key skills required to be a successful accountant, such as management and strong communications skills. As previously mentioned – the most significant skills to really work on are those concerning time management. In addition to this fundamental area, it’s also essential to focus on one’s leadership qualities, as these can be a huge asset in the accountancy career field.

The finance market is ever changing and a high level of adaptability will be a bonus as will an understanding of the importance of ethical standards and a trustworthy attitude towards business.

Accounting skills

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Career benefits

From working with major blue chip companies around the world to freelancing, there are many benefits to a career in accounting. The industries that require accounting professionals are diverse and range from the charity sector to private organisations to law enforcement to the government.

This is also a career where you can ‘level up’ and obtain more qualifications as you go, which will be reflected in higher career positions and an increasing salary. One other major bonus is that accountants are always required – so if you have the skills and qualifications then you are set for a long-term career with a reduced risk of unemployment.

If you’re still in doubt about an accountancy course then speak to a university or college representative to see if it’s the right choice for you. It is hard work, but the benefits and job satisfaction that comes with it are worth the effort.

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