Millennials: Who are they? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who are the Millennials? They are also known as Generation Y – entering the workplace in record numbers. They are idealistic, diverse, digitally-enabled, social and perhaps most importantly, ambitious. While these are all traits that can make a positive impact on your organization, it is a tall task to retain and motivate millennials for a variety of reasons.

Their attitudes toward work and careers differ from previous generations as evidenced by the following:

– In a recent survey, millennials prioritized “meaningful work” over high pay.

– 1 in 3  said “social media freedom” is a higher priority than salary.

– 70% of millennials are planning to change jobs once the economy improves.

– 92% of surveyed 21-24 year-olds said entrepreneurship education was vital in the new economy

– 30% started a business in college

– 80% of  said they would prefer feedback in real time rather than via traditional performance reviews

– 65% of  said personal development was the most influential factor in their current job

The infographic below shows what the Millennials think or work towards. Through the infographic, hopefully, organisations and the less ‘new-word’ savvy people will come to know who Millennials are.

Are you a member of Gen Y and do you show these traits or think like the rest of the Millenials?

Millennials, Gen Y In the Workplace Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC Online Business Degree & The YEC