What You Can Learn From Obama’s Victory In Your Job Search?

marketing fail

So, the US Elections have passed. Finally, the mud-slinging over two years has finally come to an end. President Obama got re-elected and Mitt Romney lost the election. What can this teach you in your job search?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

marketing fail

His victory has nothing to do with your job search. But you know what this is? This is a post telling you that any careers adviser or blog that begins with ‘What you can learn from <insert famous name> in your job search?’ should be ignored! And if anything, should be made fun of.

Seriously. Elections happened and boom, there was an influx of blogs on what graduates can learn from Obama. What can you learn? The only thing I can learn is, if I don’t have round about billion dollars, I might as well never run for the President’s office.

That’s not job search. Job search is all about hard work, humility, humbleness, about being sharp, about sacrificing going out to do an urgent job application.

In-fact, Mitt Romney has only faced rejection to the office twice, whereas you, me and other graduates – we’ve been rejected on daily basis. Every morning when graduates wake up for a cup of coffee and some bread – open the emails – and the first thing is – sorry, you’ve been rejected.

See, the trouble is, there are far too many self-styled and self-declared careers experts on the internet and quite a lot of people read them. but I don’t do that, I write to help graduates and students in their careers. OK, once in a while I do write about how a University ad was placed on a porn site, or at times be honest how careers service can improve for their students, but otherwise, I don’t find any point in stupid headlines and posts on the back of a careers blog!

So, NO, Obama will not teach you anything about your graduate job search. Mitt Romney will not teach you anything about your graduate job search. Neither will any self-styled careers expert will tell you that behind these stupid headlines there is garbage selling some product!

Next time you see a headline ‘What you can learn from <insert famous name> in your job search?’ you can take my word and ignore it. If you still read that article thinking this could be helpful, then 10 mins after that, you will be doing the same thing as the image below!

job search head banging

Oh, by the way, just so you know, we are working on producing a guide to help you in your job search strategy for 2013. So you are saved reading these articles altogether. For now, I will leave you with what I think is my top article to date, which is on beating applicant tracking system robots!

P.S.: If President Obama or Mitt Romney are reading this blog post, sorry to have had some fun on your behalf. For good cause you know.

Image Credit: eddiedeguzman.wordpress.com