What Was Or Is Your Graduate Salary? [ POLL ]

Written by Faizan Patankar

What is your graduate salary? Why do we want to know? Well, because our Editor, Asya has had this poll set-up about it.

The need to get an answer about the graduate salary is born out of our analysis of

Please Poll Your Answer

Please Poll Your Answer

The Graduate Market in 2013 report by High Fliers Research. The report states, the average graduate starting salary is £29,000. A WHOPPING £29,000 ! Wow. On looking deeper it was understood that this statistic covered the top 100 graduate employers only.

So tell us, what is or was your graduate salary. Your votes will remain anonymous and we don’t log any more information than just your click. This will help us in getting a gist of the average graduate salary, from real graduates willing to respond.

The poll is right next to this post, so please go click now, hardly takes 9 seconds 🙂

Career Geek And Social Media

Do you use Social Media? Of course you do, or at least I hope you do. Because it’s quite a hot thing right now. You can find a job via Twitter, at the same time lose one as well! But this isn’t about it. I just want to know how many social media accounts you have or maintain.

At Career Geek we have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble-upon and looking to join onto the tumblr bandwagon.

Social media is still one of our highest referrers and we are beginning to see the benefit of that. I wonder what your engagement level on social media is. Do you use it for any of your ventures?

Oh, and by the way, here are our links to social media, do ‘hola’ us there!

You can Like us on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter. Interestingly, our Twitter account has grown and continues to grow at a faster pace compared to Facebook. But once we share something on Facebook, on some days we get more views through Facebook than Twitter!

Pinterest is a wicked tool and quite useful for those of us following the careers industry. You can view all our boards on Pinterest. We are on Stumble upon, too but don’t currently use it a lot, simply because it is more of a tool for our readers to support us and share our content.

And we are still analysing the use of Tumblr. I have personally used Tumblr before and it is a good micro-blogging tool, but it had a lot of downtime issues. I know they raised some capital in the last year or so, but not sure if that has improved it or not. Do you use Tumblr? Do leave a link to your blog in the comments section and I would love to have a look.

I was specifically asked to write about the poll 🙂 Which I hope you vote on in the top right of the sidebar. Else I will have to face music from my Editor!

P.s.: We are just about there with publishing our first e-book – it’s packed with tips about your graduate job search. Can’t wait to release it for download to our readers! Stay tuned!

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