What Should You Do If You Have A Degree But No Work Experience?

unemployed graduate

So you have studied for 3-4 four years, earned a degree and are now struggling to get employment because of a lack of work experience – what next?

1. Think positively – Don’t panic – if you think positively, then things should be fine. Your hunt for work experience may not always be easy but keep at it.

2. Have a plan in place – After the summer is over and you start job hunting, list down a plan of how you’re going to seek work experience. Have you got a CV? If not, start off by putting one together. Have you looked at how you can gain work experience or discussed with people you know if you can work for them? Be creative with this – don’t just think that if there are no jobs or internships, you can just sit back. You need to be proactive yourself and not waste time.

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3. Talk to a professional for advice – Once you have a plan in place, talk to a careers adviser or other professional. They may even be able to give you some more names of organisations where you apply for a job or work experience.

4. Be a go-getter – This goes back to being proactive – you need to look online, go to careers fairs and be smart in asking where you gain work experience. If you show you want to get some experience, this will be good for you and may point in the direction of a potential company.

5. Volunteer – Volunteering is always a rewarding experience – look online at http://www.do-it.org.uk/. On this website you can look for what’s available in your area. Apply for what interests you. Sometimes it’s a good idea to go visit the place you want to volunteer for first and then talk to a supervisor there. In some cases, if you have to travel far, they can sometimes pay for your travel costs.

6. If you have a job offer, think before you say no! – Ok, so the job you have been offered may not be what you want to do. It could be a junior job or a job in a restaurant or café, but why say no? If you want to earn a little something and build on that all-important work experience, then at least think well before you make a decision. Maybe write a pros and cons list before you say no. The longer you are in employment, the easier it will be to get another job because it not only builds up your experience but also your employability. Remember, you can still look for a job whilst in other employment.

7. Think about further higher education – If you aren’t happy saying yes to a job that just pays for the bills after university, maybe another way to seek experience could be in the shape of a Master’s or Postgraduate degree. The government is doing a lot to seek more teachers. Could it be a profession you would pursue? Or do you think doing a Master’s degree would help establish you in your line of work? Sometimes, having an extra higher education qualification, like an MBA, can boost that salary when you do get a full time job.

Wishing you all the best on your quest in the job-hunting and work experience world. I hope these tips help you along the way!

Guest Post By Soma Ghosh

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