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What Is Outsource Staffing?

Outsource staffing is a service a corporation or small business owner designates to a specialty group of people instead of going through the process of hiring and training internally.

These services ultimately decrease overhead for organizations, increase their efficiency, and create a much more effective team.

Why Do Companies Choose To Outsource?

Many businesses that use outsource staffing rely on the expertise of a third party to carry out tasks.

This is done to ensure deliberate focus on those particular functions so that they are completed in a much more efficient, cost-effective, and faster manner than the company is able to accomplish.

Some organizations have other agendas for using third-party staffing:

  • Some businesses experience growing pains to the point that the internal staff is unable to handle the influx of duties. Management makes the decision to hire a team knowledgeable in the industry to use on an as-needed basis to handle the excess so there is no interruption in day-to-day operations.
  • Organizations have projections or certain procedures that are short-lived and find it more cost-effective to hire a team of temporary employees to handle the load through to completion. The people come in trained and can implement the process without delay instead of taking time, effort, and money to work with internal staff and pulling them away from their standard duties.
  • In some instances, companies choose to outsource the support staff within their departments so the internal focus can be more involved in core functioning in an effort to lead the business in the direction of standing out over the competition.

Variations Of Outsourcing

Outsourced workers are used by companies and businesses in a variety of ways.

There are distinct variations to outsourcing, but as a whole, there are primarily four in the business world that most resources fall under:

  • People: Third-party hiring of people outside your internal staff is becoming an increasing trend throughout the globe. The individuals are managed by the staffing firm with the benefit of coming in to handle the support tasks so the key internal employees are better utilized with duties meant to contribute to the continued growth of the business.
  • Project:  When there are projects that come along that might require qualifications above and beyond the skill set of the internal team, working with specialists for one-time processes is an effective way to get the job finished effectively and efficiently. There’s no need to purchase special tools or equipment because the third-party experts come prepared with everything necessary to complete the job. It saves hiring people with a special talent that you might only use once or twice.
  • Business Process: It used to be manufacturing plants would use this type of outsourcing, but many different industries are incorporating these resources today. For instance, customer service, call centers, data entry services, payroll departments, and so many more. As competition becomes tougher among industries, it’s crucial that more of the processes be outsourced for better efficiency.
  • IT: IT is commonly outsourced for most organizations with the specialization of the various technologies that go into business today from software development to website design and on. There needs to be a different person for each different component. It’s much more cost-effective than building a specialty IT team within your business.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing to outsource staffing is to keep your core employees as part of the planning and implementing process.

Too often, third-party teams are brought in without the integral internal staff knowing leading to low morale and fear for job security.

Communication in the workplace is key to a lower turnover rate and greater job satisfaction.

Final Thought

Outsource staffing can be exceptionally beneficial when implemented in the right way.

Using a third-party team to handle specialized projects, to take over some of the support duties allowing more focus for the core staff.

Also, bringing in IT specialists rather than hiring a highly trained internal team are cost-effective, efficient techniques that ultimately help to contribute to a company’s overall success.

It’s simply a matter of doing it as a complete team with managers communicating with staff as to what the company plan is so no one is caught unaware when these new people come waltzing in.

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