Weekly Recap: Working Abroad, Social Media Recruiting & More

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Getting work experience is important for students! And that is exactly what Graduates Need Experience is striving to provide. Have a look at GNE and support a young entrepreneur.

New – S.M.I.L.E. Technique for Interviews

SMILE is an anagram I’ve developed to help you perform better on first time encounters. If you remember this titbit of information, you should find that your performance within interviews increases, and you’re more approachable in…

Finding Work in 2012: 3 Tips for Success

Finding work in 2012 – a Tough Challenge? The UK economy is hardly thriving at present, as the ongoing Eurozone crisis and concerns over the failing U.S. manufacturing industry continue to have an impact…

How to Make Your Blog Career Worthy

Many of us enjoy our personal blogs. Unlike the superficiality of Facebook or Twitter, blogging is a way to really express ourselves and our interests. But can having a blog help you land a…

How Social Media is Affecting Modern Recruiting Practices

Do Employers Use Social Media? Ever since you opened a Facebook account and started posting pictures and other personality markers online, you’ve been out there for the world to see. In most cases, people…

Working Abroad – Where People Move and Why [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the Western world takes ever so long to come out of recession and recover from high unemployment rates, the East, Asia and South America have much better prospects in growth and jobs.

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