Weekly Recap: Reasons Why You Are Unemployed, Social #JobSearch & More

An Open Letter to the Government: Unpaid Internships Must End

Dear Mr. Cameron & Mr. Clegg, In today’s tough economic climate there are 20,000 out of work graduates all desperately vying for what seems like that ever-elusive job. As a result, internships are fiercely fought over

4 Reasons Why You Are A Young Unemployed Graduate

Are you a young unemployed graduate or know someone who is? Or are you a graduate with a stop gap job and looking for the right opportunity? Do you want to know the reasons

How should I prepare for a phone interview?

Phone interviews are becoming an increasingly common recruitment practice as they represent a great way of saving time (and expense) for both the applicant and the hiring company.  They provide a useful opportunity to

Document your Experience for a Successful Placement

The Importance of Self Reflection Can you remember what the lecturer said in your management lecture 9 months ago? What about that really important conversation that you had in your politics seminar just after

First Impressions Matter, Even On LinkedIn

Recent grads – you likely know by now that social media can play a huge part in landing your dream job. Connections are the quickest way to getting hired, whether you’re starting a business and looking

The Social Job Search

Can Social Networks help you get a job? There is a lot of hype surrounding the Social Job Search and statistically, it is justified. In 2012 alone companies are expected to use social media