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What To Wear To A Business Meeting?

what to wear to business meeting
Written by Faizan Patankar

what to wear to business meeting

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In a business meeting the pressure to look good, as well as deliver a perfect presentation needn’t lead to panic, instead, follow these tips and make sure you stand out for the right reasons.

What’s appropriate for a business meeting?

According to a survey conducted by 34sp.com, the suit remains the most suitable choice for a business meetings. So when you’re meeting a prospective client or connection for the first time, dress for success.

What you wear to work matters

  • 20% of workers believe that those wearing casual dress in the workplace are ‘slackers’
  • 55% of workers agree that wearing business attire makes people more productive
  • 66% of workers agree senior managers should always be more dressed up than their employees

To find what’s best for men and women to wear to a business meeting see infographic below: What To Wear To A Business Meeting [Infographic] by the team at 34SP.com



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