Wayra Teams Up With Enternships To Form Wayra Enternships Platform


On 19th of March 2013 (yesterday, at the time of writing) Enternships.com announced its partnership with Wayra “offering 130 paid internships to Europe’s brightest young talent” to form Wayra Enternships


Wayra – Telefonica’s international start-up accelerator – nurtures and kindles the blazing potential of the world’s most exciting start-ups. Housing freshly minted innovation in bespoke Wayra Academies, they are proud to “create Silicon Valleys all over the world”; exposing grassroot talent to Telefonica’s 300 million customers worldwide.

Simon Devonshire, Director of Wayra Europe said: “We are witnessing the birth of a new economy — the digital economy — which I believe is more significant than the birth of the industrial revolution. wayra enternships platformThe partnership with Wayra and Enternships provides students with a real opportunity to get personally involved in this revolution and gain invaluable experience in working with the pioneers of this new age.”

Enternships was founded in 2009 by Young Global Leader Rajeeb Dey, Enternships is a vibrant opportunities platform, stuffed to the brim with amazing jobs and internships for talented students, graduates and self-starters. So far, Enternships has connected over 33,000 students and graduates to more than 4,500 companies in 20 countries, and is proud to offer an exciting alternative to the corporate grind.

Creating a new portal for start-up paid internships, Wayra Enternships will be offering 3-6 months of paid exposure to the start-up scene, as well as advice, experience and invaluable training. “We’re beginning the partnership by offering 130 brand new jobs to graduates looking to break into the world of work, and hope that together, we can give the brilliant youth of Europe the chances they deserve.”

Now The Interesting Bit

This is a first of its kind – offering an interesting move by both Wayra and Enternships. They are big names in the start-up market and to see them coming together to offer this service means a stronger brand value to job seekers.

What is also interesting is to see the site wayra.enternships.com. We know Enternships.com is getting an uplift but by the looks of it, this new Wayra Enternships platform is probably built on the new platform. So you get to see the features before the official launch of enternships.com . We are yet to confirm this at the time of writing.