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How To Use Pinterest In The Job Hunt [Video]

With technological advances, the traditional job hunt tactics are taking a back seat. Social media is becoming increasingly popular with recruiters. Not only is this approach cost-effective but it also promotes their company and industry.

Pinterest is one network that has the power to visually show your work and help you build your portfolio. Pinterest is well suited for business but in this video we will show you how to use Pinterest in the job hunt. If you like the video, spread the word with this tweet.

You can find more information on using Pinterest in your job hunt from a previous article too.


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Julienne DesJardins

Julienne Mascellino DesJardins, MPA is passionate about nongovernmental organizations & is convinced that they can build capacity by leveraging the massive amount of free/cheap digital tools available on the market today. She blogs on social justice & technology at Julienne, Ink. and produces easy-to-follow tech tutorials on her YouTube page. Julienne has recently returned to graduate school - and is studying for a Digital Media Marketing Certificate at New York University. She lives in New York with her husband, James.