Dangerous and Unusual Journeys To School Around The World

unusual journeys to school featured image

unusual journeys to school featured image

Here are some of the most dangerous and unusual journeys to school around the world. We complain about the bus being late or not getting the best seat, whilst these kids hang from broken bridges, walk through mountains and other steps that would fail health and safety in this country.

These images which show unusual journeys to school around the world also make me wonder what value do these kids and their parents put on education? What drives them to take on these dangerous journeys to school? And do all of them really want to make this journey? I will never know…

These kids are amazing and I hope for the effort they put in they do get their result. I hope the world behaves fairly to them. For me I have renewed respect for education. And don’t get me wrong, I love academia, I just don’t like the mundane understanding of what education should do. It shouldn’t just be about writing an exam and passing the test…

Unusual Journeys To School Around The World

Children walk along a narrow mountain road to get to school in Bizhie, Guizhou Province in southwest China.

Children who attend school, face many dangers on the way to it, and have to go on the track, with a width of 0.5 meters, with a cliff on one side.




Kids crossing the river on the ropes to get to school in Pinto Gabang, Indonesia.

These children should be held on a rope at a height of 9 meters above the river, to get to their school on time, and then go another 11 miles through the woods to school in the city of Padang



Children climb unsecured wooden stairs to get to school on a cliff at 2,800 m above sea level, in the area Gangluo, Sichuan Province, China.



In Columbia, kids from a handful of families living in the rainforest, 40 miles southeast of the capital Bogota, commute via steel cables that connect one side of the valley to the other.

This is the only way to reach school. The steel cables are 800 meters in length are strung 400m above the roaring Rio Negro.

Photographer Christoph Otto clicked this incredible picture of Daisy Mora and her brother Jamid, making their way at a breakneck speed of 50 miles per hour. She attaches the sack containing her brother, who is too young, at five, to make the crossing alone, and herself to a pulley. A branch in the shape of a wishbone forms a crude brake. The entire journey takes 60 seconds.



Kids Traveling To A Boarding School Through The Himalayas, Zanskar, Indian Himalayas


125-mile journey through mountains, freezing rivers, chain bridge and single-plan bridges Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China

Back in China, around 80 school children who live in the boarding school at Pili, have to embark on a perilous 125-mile journey through the mountains of the remote Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, at the end of their term. The children must also wade through four freezing rivers, cross a 650ft chain bridge and four single-plank bridges. The journey takes two days to complete.



Schoolchildren Riding A Horse Cart Back From School In Delhi, India


What value does this girl and her family place on education?

Here is one striking picture captured by Reuter photographer Ammar Awad in 2010. During clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the refugee camp Shuafat, near Jerusalem, a girl is seen calmly walking towards her school unconcerned by the violence around her. The street is strewn with rocks thrown by protesters in the direction of the Israeli troop who can be seen behind the girl in protective shields.


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