7 Ways To Unlock Your Productivity When Working From Home

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For some, working from home is the ultimate goal. The idea of working from home has many benefits. You can work at your own pace, in your own comfortable home environment with no commutes, no office politics, and zero unpleasant co-workers.

Although it may sound like a dream, after a couple of weeks in, you might start to realize that working in your PJs on the sofa might not be the best place to take calls, reply to emails and get through your ever-growing to-do list. With so many distractions nearby it can be incredibly easy to find yourself procrastinating. So, what is the key to unlocking your productivity? Read on for 7 tips that will help you reach your full potential.

Create a plan for your day

Making a plan for the day means you get a head start before you even finish your morning coffee. Plan your day the night before if possible. Doing so allows you to tackle each job in turn and prioritize your daily tasks. For example, if you are a writer, contacting a customer with any issues and checking your work for grammar issues and plagiarism will be a top priority. Whatever your job may be, make your first task of the day to stick to your plan!

Create time limits for each task

If your workload is overwhelming, then it is important to stay focused and on top of everything. Aim to have certain tasks done by a certain time. This way it allows you to be more organized and prevents jobs from being dragged on and leaving you less time to complete other important tasks.

Make full use of your calendar

From lotus notes to calendars available on your mailing software, making full use of these will help you remember tasks and help you to work more efficiently. Remember, a traditional desk calendar is just as helpful as a digital one!

Know your deadlines

If you’ve been sent work, don’t put off looking at it until you get round to it. Otherwise, you might be in for a shock when you see the deadline is the very next day. Know your deadlines and make sure you have plenty of reminders that are visible to you.

Learn to say “NO”

Whether you’re self-employed and trying to earn more money, or you’re hoping to progress in your current job, it can be difficult to say no. However, taking on more than you can handle isn’t helping anyone.

Take regular breaks

It sounds like the exact opposite of being productive. However, being chained to your desk for hours on end will make your productivity slump to an all-time low. Taking regular breaks allows you to stretch your legs, get your blood pumping, refresh and reset your mind, so when you head back to your desk you’re ready for round two!

Remove distractions

Your phone buzzing, the lure of social media, the TV in the next room or the kids fighting in the other. Removing all distractions will boost your productivity. Leave your phone out of reach or turn off your social media notifications. Turn off the TV and find somewhere quiet to work.

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