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Unique Career Choices for Humanities Majors

Humanities and social sciences are all about the study of human behavior, social constructs, and cultural relativism.

Popular undergraduate majors under this category include psychology, history, literature, economics, philosophy, arts, and more.

Humanities majors perform excellently in tasks that involve research, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Because of these beneficial skills, most employers would be delighted to hire humanities degree-holders.

There’s a common assumption that humanities graduates can only become professors or teachers but that’s not true.

Some celebrities with humanities degrees include Emma Watson, Michael Jordan, Rashida Jones, and Vera Wang.

Unusual Careers For Humanities Majors

These graduates can apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of professions. They can become filmmakers, museum curators, genealogists, historians, or even social workers.

Here are some careers you can pursue with a humanities degree:


Filmmaking is the process of making films for the cinema or television. Humanities majors can venture into movie production or directing. They would work with actors and crew members to creatively bring stories to life.

They might also be interested in careers such as screenwriting, cinematography, and acting. They could oversee the visual elements of a film or write screenplays and TV show scripts.

These graduates may also show up onscreen as actors or actresses.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Companies have to analyze data to glean insights that can drive revenue and promote business growth.

To do this effectively, they would have to work with a Business Intelligence consultant. A BI consultant interprets data, identifies trends, and gives detailed reports to the decision-makers.

Humanities majors who are drawn to data might decide to become business intelligence consultants. They can work as independent contractors or join a consulting firm.

As consultants, they would be able to put their problem-solving skills to good use.


Humanities graduates with a bachelor’s degree in history can pursue a career in tourism. It allows them to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for historical places. They could work as events managers, travel agents, and hotel managers.

They would also help to keep tourist attraction centers running and tell stories of historical places.

Humanities majors can help people choose travel destinations, plan itinerary trips, manage restaurants and oversee hotel operations.

Social Media Director/Manager

Many companies are using social media channels to connect with their audience and generate revenue. They need working strategies to help them achieve their business goals. That’s why social media managers have such high demand.

If they are fascinated by social media and digital marketing, humanities majors can become social media directors.

They would be responsible for creating content, planning strategies, monitoring metrics, and engaging with the target market.

Museum Curator

Artworks, collections, scientific and historical items are stored and exhibited in museums. Museum curators are people who oversee and manage these art exhibitions. They also perform research and acquire artifacts that might be useful to the museum.

Humanities majors who have degrees in history, history of art, anthropology, and philosophy may consider becoming museum curators.

Their tasks may include fundraising, acquiring objects, completing documentation, and responding to inquiries.


Many people have questions about their ancestors and family history. They want to trace their ancestry and discover their roots. So they look for professional genealogists who can solve their puzzles and uncover old secrets.

A humanities graduate who prefers an unusual career could become a genealogist. They would trace family histories through public records, birth and marriage certificates, genetic tests, property and tax records, and other historical documents.

Disney Imagineer

The Walt Disney company employs creative people who can research, contribute and develop ideas. Disney Imagineers are responsible for designing and building Disney theme parks, attractions, resorts, cruise ships, and more.

They may also coordinate with other creatives in Disney publishing, games, and merchandise. Humanities degree holders who are creative, pragmatic, problem solvers, and team players can pursue a Disney Imagineering career.

FBI Agent

FBI agents protect the security interests of the United States and enforce federal laws. They work undercover, interview sources, and conduct surveillance activities to collect intelligence about threats to national security. FBI agents may also be required to hunt criminals down and carry out arrests.

Since humanities graduates have the necessary critical thinking skills, they just need to enroll in the FBI training academy for specialized job training.

This job also requires physical stamina, investigative techniques, unusual work hours, and great combat skills.


Humanities majors have a wide variety of careers to choose from. Whether it’s art, music, history, literature, archaeology, or a philosophical degree, you are free to explore.

There is no limit for people with humanities degrees.

Contrary to popular belief, these degrees are quite flexible and offer a lot of job prospects. However, graduates should consider their interests and passion when choosing a career path.

This would help them achieve success in their various fields.

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