Skills Required to Become a Lawyer

Skills Required to Become a Lawyer - in

Skills Required to Become a Lawyer - in

Legal career popularity is increasing in India, and especially in metropolis cities. To enter the law field and get all the necessary skills for that, one should keep in mind what it takes to become a lawyer, in terms of finance and efforts.

Necessary Personal and Professional Skills

Being a lawyer is considered to be popular and well-rewarding in Delhi. But you should know that it requires unlimited patience, years of hard work, dedication, logical and critical thinking, etc. What is a must for lawyers is excellent communication skills and ability to create strategic plans. Among other skills that make a good lawyer, solicitor or legal executive are ability to quickly analyse facts, screen evidence, understand what is relevant and what is not. They should also be able to convince others from the point of view of law, and at the same time cope with stress and pressure.

Finances Required

Lawyer education in India requires investment. Depending on the course you choose, the price for education reaches Rs 300,000. In addition, if you move from a different city, add hostel expenses. For low income families, it may be difficult to get their child study law. In fact, there are only few organizations that can give financial assistance to students from poor families. But it is also posible to get a loan for education.

In Delhi and other Indian cities, schools offer two types of courses that help acquire a law degree. One course is offered after graduation and lasts for 3 years, while another course lasts for 5 years and is offered after completing 12-year school study. Applicants are able to choose the course that is the most suitable for them.

Get Motivated

In fact, lawyer is a highly-paid professional in India. However, the level of expertise plays significant role here. Thus, an avarage salary of a lawyer is Rs 20,000 – 50,000. The job openings available for law graduates are countless. It is possible to become public prosecutors, solicitors, legal advisors or lawyers in a court. features hundreds of lawyer positions in Delhi to look through and find out more about lawyer job market. In fact, there are a lot of law institutions that where graduates can apply for a job. Among them are State Bar Council or Bar Council of India, law firms, advisory and consulting companies, different government and non-government organizations, etc. Lawyers can also specialize in one of the law branches, including criminal, civil, insurance, tax, corporate, etc.

Educational Institutions Where You Can Study Law in Delhi

  • National Law University
  • Jindal Global Law School
  • Amity Law School
  • Delhi University, Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Global Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Indian Academy of International Law
  • Law Centre NO – I, University Campus(Univ. of Delhi)
  • The Indian Law institute(Deemed University)

Law schools and institutes currently take essential steps to modernize law education. They apply inter-disciplinary approach to studying law together with a row of social sciences, including political theory, country’s history, philosophy and economics etc. Law students should get profoud knowledge of a foreign language to be able to bcome a lawyer for international needs. Familiarity with new technological tools should also be promoted among law students. E-courses, seminars, using web resources – the students are highly expected to use technologies as a means of grabbing new information.

Legal educatioin is a worthy investment for Indian community. These days, lawyers are more than just legal representatives. They bring harmony and reconciliation. Thus, legal education should develop not only professional skills of a student, but also personal ones. If you are ready to start your legal career, make sure you have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to apply for a lawyer position. Look for new openings for lawyer jobs in Delhi.

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