UKSP – Supporting Young People Develop Careers

In times where young students and graduates are trying to crack on with their careers, there are too many job boards and job information pages on the web. One of the things that has always dismayed me is the lack of dedicated job board and careers information websites for different industries.

UKSP is not one of those websites! UKSP is a pleasant surprise for those looking for jobs in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries.

In their own words UKSP

… encourage and promote continuous training – creating an environment where employers have access to the right skills and qualifications for their businesses and employees benefit from rewarding career opportunities.

And, by improving the skills of people working in the industry, we’re well placed to maintain the UK’s status as a superior visitor destination!

“UKSP was developed by People 1st – the sector skills council for hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism.”

“All the information on UKSP has been developed through our intensive consultation and collaboration with employers and training providers across the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry.”

For hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism jobs, UKSP is a good resource, but what caught our eyes were their careers and skills test tools.

UKSP Careers Map

For those of you wondering what positions are available in the tourism, hospitality, leisure and travel industries UKSP have pulled together a very good and effective resource.

UKSP Careers Map,


The interactive Career Map illustrates the huge variety of opportunities within hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism.  Once you select the path or position, it gives you more information on that respective job.

What Skills Are Required To Do A Job?

Students and graduates often ask questions about what skills are required for a job, or more information on particular positions. UKSP’s interactive Careers Map gives extensive information for positions and skills required to get a job in the travel, leisure, hospitality and tourism industry, too, which is a great feature for those interested in that sector.

UKSP Personality Test

The personality test is a quick survey-oriented quiz in which you answer questions based on your work ethic, work preferences and personal tastes. At the end of the test, UKSP gives you a list of the jobs best suited for your personality type. My test showed I am best suited for a Kitchen Manager, and I must admit, the test was pretty fun to try and very useful to get more information.

UKSP Personality Question


UKSP Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment test is aimed towards people within the industry already who maybe want to know what other jobs they can apply their skill set to. Or graduates and students who want to find out more about the skill set required in order to get a job in the travel, tourism, leisure and hospitality industries.

UKSP Skills Assessment


To summarise, coming across UKSP was a worthy experience, having surfed around the website and enjoyed the careers tools that can help graduates and students in finding jobs in the travel, leisure, tourism and hospitality industries.

So why not head over to UKSP and sign up to receive more information and careers insights related to those industries.

Have a look around and do let us know what you think about UKSP in the comments below!